fibreQuarterly Volume 1 issue2,Winter 05/06  

Canadian Quilts Abroad  
Last November east coast Quilt Artist , teacher and curator Valerie Hearder took a group of over thirty Quilts by twelve artist to Japan.  This coming March Kathleen Bissett, winner of Canadian Quilters Associations (CQA/ACC) 1998 Dorothy McMurdie Award for significant contributions to the world of Canadian quilting and Canadian quilt heritage is presenting an other group of Canadian quilts to the United States. Canada Uncovered opens at the Museum of The American Quilter's Society in Paducah, Kentucky on March 29 2006

Over the past few months I have featured just some of the work shown at  Yokohama Quilt Week  (November 11-13 Yokohama, December 5-13 Sendai, Japan.) The exhibition was sponsored by the Japanese quilt magazine, Patchwork Quilt Tsushin who invited Valerie Hearder, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia to curate the exhibition. Valerie was also invited to exhibit 6 of her quilts and to travel to Japan with the show to teach at the Yokohma Quilt Week event. 

Valerie has returned and in her Winter 2006 e-newsletter: you can read about her  visit to Yokohama Quilt Festival in Japan, and see photo albums of quilts.  

Artists included in this show are: Judy Martin, Sheguindah, Ontario Jayne Willoughby Scott, Edmonton, Alberta Karen Colbourne Martin, St. Johnıs Newfoundland Martha Cole, Lumsden, Saskatchewan Laurie Swim, Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia Dorothy Caldwell, Hastings, Ontario Lorraine Roy, Mississauga , Ontario Meredith Annett, Halifax, Nova Scotia Pamela Allan, Kingston, Ontario Linda Mackie Findlay, Halifax, Nova Scotia Emilie Belak, Grand Forks, British Columbia Sheila Niles, Millarville, Alberta. Judy Farrow of Parksville B.C.

to view some of work of some of these artist click on any of these images for a larger and closer look at each.

best_friends1.jpg (159510 bytes)
Pamela Allan

best freinds


puffin.JPG (449894 bytes) Emilie M. Belak:

Horned Puffins of

the Pacific, 2001,

 86x108 cm;



Valerie Hearder: Quilt from Newfoundland Series "Lifeline: displacement"

Sheila Niles


Sheila Niles



Karen Colbourne Martin
"As Seen with the Listening Heart"  

(38" x 27")

Judy Martin Lorraine Roy

Upon this Rock

18" x 41"


more work by these artist can be seen on-line at their personal websites, here are just a few: 

Pamela Allen

Valerie Hearder 

Lorraine Roy,   

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  fibre Quarterly Volume 1 issue2,Winter 05/06