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volume 3 Issue 3 Fall 2007
Looking West: Spring / 2007
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Volume 3, Issue 1/ wWnter 2007

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Regine Faust

Joanna Rogers

2005 fQ Anthology 

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fibre Quarterly  volume 3 issue 1, winter 2007   

Losing Wisdom: Paula Gustafson   February 25, 1941- July 11, 2006   


Reflections on the “Textile Narratives + Conversations”  


On the Edge: fray by joelewis  

Enter the Garden: Anna Torma, by Carol-ann Casselman    

in conversation with Mary Kroetsch  

Found In Translation    

Touch Don’t Touch HAND face BODY  

In the View Finder 

Artist Profile  Kate Jackson  

Who made that: a question about Public (Textile) Art in Canada? 

Thinking Fibre: 

Aiko Suzuki - a debt of gratitude, by Bettina Matzkuhn 


editor: joelewis

editorial staff:  Sharon Butler, Mary O'Neil, Alexandra Albert

Advisory Board

Dorothy Caldwell, Lila Lewis Irving, Rebecca Kelley, Mary Pace, 

Luba Sckambarra, Michelle Walker 


Images on front page are: " Atmospheric Effects", by Susan Norman, "Scarf" by Bettina Lee ,Allison Book same as below, detail Jacquard tapestry by Joe Lewis.

Images on this page 

top left: Kate Jackson, Eyelet Casualties Series, 2007, Detail

right: Judith Fielder, Bright Star -handwoven wool, shibori dyed, banner


Copyrighted images used with permission of artist.
Copyright © 2006 Joe Lewis All rights reserved.  
Revised: October 27, 2014  


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