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Egyptian Hieroglyphics 

Mexican patterns 

Aztec Sun Detail American Aboriginal motifs  Crane and Floral Dress
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Sea Creatures Fish design

Pacific Ocean wall hanging 

sweater and wall hanging  Australian Motifs
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Big Hawaiian flower motif  untitled Tapestry Mexican Motifs  untitled Tapestry Book cover
The work shown here is a random sampling of Regine's punch card patterns developed for Knitting Machines. Published the 1970s and 80s in book form and as individual pattern kits with punch cards that were sold with Singer Home Knitting Machines. These motifs developed over her career and adapted from hand to machine knitting could be used in tapestries, on clothing, and home interior accessories (i.e. blankets, pillows)
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Copyrighted images used with permission of the artist' estate.
Copyright 2005 the estate of Regine Faust, All rights reserved.  
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