Janny Frazer / Cocoon



Cocoon: Technique: Weaving and wrapping, Material: Nylon, feathers and metallic threads Size: Height 8 ft. 8in. Width 4 ft. 8in.  


Born in Holland, 1943 Resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Graduate of the Ontario College of Art (drawing and painting). Weaving self-taught. Exhibited in group exhibitions in Hamilton and Ottawa, Ontario; in Ann Arbour, Michigan. U.S.A. and won the mixed media prize in the Tenth Annual Toronto City Hall Show (1971). Held a one man at Rodman I-tall, St. Catharlnes, Ontario.

Statement: I feel that the most interesting aspect of weaving ties in the sculptural approach. Expressing the organic forms in nature. I am interested in expressing the connotations of primitive dwellings and at the skeletal strata forms of landscape. In this particular piece I tried to explore the possibilities of twin forms. I chose white, grey and metal because of sculptural associations

he above information is taken from the Textiles into 3-D broadsheet Poster used to promote the original exhibition

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