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volume 9 Issue 1 Fall 2013

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It is now close to end of 2013 and not much has really changed. I have managed to produce 1 issue of fibreQUARTERLY for this year.  Volume 9 Issue 1 Fall 2013

The last issue of Textile Form the magazine the European Textile Network has published since 1983 i will be closing its doors. And while new magazines our coming on the scene its loss will be felt.

The future of fibreQUARTERLY is as of yet and unasked and therefor unanswered question.  It will not be quarterly with out a major infusion of cash and an actual staff which is something it has never had. I spent most of my time chasing down stories rather the advertisers or subscribers. At this point i am committed to keeping the site up so what has been published will remain accessible. Seeking source funding to produce on an issue by issue bases seems to be the only alternative, as is putting out calls for papers as one does for a conference seems appropriate also

Since there seems to be an " Appetite for Instant Gratification" I will be using the fQaroundtown blog to post reviews of exhibitions if they are submitted. While it would be nice to be able to pay writers I can't afford to (google dollars and facebook dollars have no rate of exchange in the real world and are non transferable so while I can afford to buy all sorts of google products like Google Analytics. I don't really find any use for  Google Analytics but I appreciate the power they hold over web dependant businesses and that the general population likes big numbers that supposedly relate to something in the real world if its only proof that something accessed your website for a brief moment of time uselessly calculable time.

I am just rambling now but if you have read this far congratulate yourself for the invest time you have made.


Joe Lewis November 22 2013




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