Volume 5 Issue 1/ Winter 2009

 Editorial: March 5 2009

As I sit down to write this I am listening to one of my favourite Indy accordion bands, the Bill Hilly Band from Victoria, the have a lyric that goes “ aren’t you glad you built that front porch when you where young?” I am not quite sure about the youth part or weather it is my computer or fibreQUARTERLY that is my “front porch”. A good front porch situates you in your community while keeping it at a distance, you can sit back and look, or you can invite exchange. For me fibreQUARTERLY is both at the same time....


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fibreQUARTERLY Volume 5 Issue 1/ Winter 2009 –

2008 a Year in Textiles  

 5  individual, PDFs to download and easy to print and take out on the front porch to read.

Part 1 Artist Work: Profiles and Products,

Part 2 Artist Work: Projects and Research,

Part 3, At the Museum,

Part 4: From the Fine Arts Reading Room,

Part 5, From the pages of fQ


Just Click on each image to open  the PDF you want to read


  Artist Work: Profiles and Products, PDF

 part2 v5i1

Part Two:Artist Work: Projects and Research, PDF, 44 pages


part 3 v5i1

Part Three: At the Museums, PDF, 29 pages 


Part Four: From the Fine Arts Reading Room. PDF 35 pages 


Part Five: from the pages of fQ, PDF 30 pages


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