Volume 6 Issue 2 / Summer 2010

 v6i2 cover art

Images on cover,left side top to bottom: Tiffany E-Ting Wu, Hairy Floral Designs: Digital and silk screen prints. September 2009, Lia Cook binary traces;blur 2 2004, woven cotton 58 X 50 inches, Jon Riosa,You lost yourself again" steel wire, thread. 42 x 40 x 25 cm, 2010,Right side top to bottom: Doris Salcedo, Atrabiliarios, 1992-2004, shoes, animal fibre, and surgical thread, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art © Doris Salcedo*, Diane Gonthier : "Learning to Care" – Canada, Suzen Green’s sweater "Here We Are As One"

all images provide for used with permission.

Editorial: The Not So Comfort able Zone
BLANKETS OF WISDOM: by Luciano Ghersi
MacAusland's Woollen Mill - a fuzzy gem in western PEI By Rilla Marshall
The Absence and Presence: Disembodied Clothing as Relic by Jennifer Smith-Windsor
In the Vernacular: Artistic Responses to Climate Change by Jo Turney
Looking at Lia Cook through the Maze: by Joe Lewis
Finishing School Class of 2010
Lena Guézennec: Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
Transformative Textiles by Oldouz Moslemian: OCAD University
Restricted Access by Jon Riosa: OCAD University
Tiffany E-Ting Wu; OCAD University
( there is no joy in mudville) String Felt Thread, reviewed by Joe Lewis
2010 Textile Exhibitions in Canada ; Mid year round up