Volume 7 Issue 2 Summer 2011


V7 I 2 cover

cover Image credits:[baby] Reception (2010), by Mellissa Wong, ACAD University woven tapestry with cotton needlepoint lace, 54 x 39 cm,  Target ( Bust line detail) by Leanne Rhem: OCAD University, Suit weight silk, pleated silk organza, zipper, red permanent marker writing, thread photo: Christine Lim, Dyed Top and Knitted Skirt by  Alice JM Banks OCAD University photo by Joe Lewis, Ballerina drawing Joe Lewis 

Finishing School © Attribution CC Kirsty Bruce 2007 Australia Kirsty Bruce, Finishing School, watercolour on paper, 207,

The Institute of Morphoid Research by Jennifer Akkermans ACAD
Anxiety by Lindsay Joy ACAD
Reconsidering Beauty by Lisa Hadgkinson ACAD
A Post-Grad Contemplation by Mellissa Wong, ACAD
Colette Lisoway Capilano University
On my fibre education: Shanell B. Papp, B.F.A., M.F.A. University of Lethbridge
The beginning of something new Alice JM Banks OCAD University
Mending Myself by Leanne Shea Rhem OCAD University
Lessons on Leaving; Joanna Schleimer OCAD University
My facebook life Spring 2011 by Joe Lewis
The Back Page: Lion Hearted Keiley Stewart Sheridan College