Volume 7 Issue 3/ Fall 2011 Men and Textiles


v7 i 3 cover

  Images from top left corner, Stag by Grant Heaps, floating on top of  Lang Pioneer Village interpreter Clarke Stanley weaving a rag rug on one of the three Samuel Lowery Handlooms in S.W. Lowry Weaver Shop and Jacquard Loom Interpretive Centre at Lang outside of Peterborough Ontario, beside details of three works from the recent Fibermen International Exhibition in Kherson Ukraine, Richard McVetis proportions of a male figure, 2010, hand embroidered wool – seeding, cross stitch   h76 x w58cm Clay McLaurin  Lichens, 2010, cotton thread on bristol board, machine embroidery, Dimensions (cm.)   51 x 36, Joe Lewis detail of 'Reflections on the man in the moon" Jacquard woven cloth, Knitted Paint Can and Brush by  Thomas C. Chung (also in fibermen international) Carl Stewart "memoria" 2008 cotton: cross stitch

Men & Textiles. Editorial
Six Weeks on the Velvet Highway: A textile Journal by Joe Lewis
Quilt Memoir by Dwayne Wanner
Peter Harris: A Tapestry Is Like a Unicorn, by Ixchel Suarez
Fibremen International : Exhibition Sampler
Male Textiles by Lijana Sataviâute
A suggested list of Links to Male Textile sites
In the View Finder: Previews, Reviews and Calls for Submission
Preview; Carl Stewart .Belated
Book Reviews: Push Stitchery and “Tapestry Weaving: Design and Technique”
Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers by Carol Westfall
Kaunas Biennale 11 and ETN Rewind into the Future Conference
TEXERE Exhibition review by Alice Kettle
“Fiber visions” The Hangzhou Triennial 2013,
The Back Page: “Artificial River” Master program art project by Kristijonas Bakas