Volume 8 Issue 2 Class of 2012


fQv8I2 cover
images top left, "Wilbur The Frog" natural dye, hand knit by Heather Boulton-Lyons: OCAD University, below that detail of "Paper Dress" by Tiffany Canha: Sheridan College, "53rd Street" quilt by Heather Dubreuil showing in Fibre Content exhibition in Burlington, Courtney McLeod & Eliza Jade Robin sitting in Softcore display at OCAD University Open House,photo by Kristopher Gaierto. to the right Hanging (palampore) (detail) Mordant painted and resist dyed cotton c. 1750  India for the Dutch market 2011.27.1 showing in BIG at the ROM opening in November, beside that "Swell" nylon/lycra patchwork, polyester stuffing, over wooden stretcher, 2012. by Andrea Vander Kooij showing in Hardtwist at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, in front of " Spores Fungi "Apron Cotton, linen by  Christina Obuch: Sheridan in the centre is "Braid I", 2010, by Laura Taler also showing in Hardtwist which is part of the World of Threads Festival

Volume 8 Issue 2 Class of 2012
Editorial: Looking Backwards While Moving Forward
The Julia Caprara Hons BA in Embroidered Textiles Middlesex University,
Softcore: Courtney McLeod OCAD University
Dyeing For My Forest by Heather Boulton-Lyons
Flare and a Dash:Tiffany Canha, Sheridan Textiles
Textile Lady: Sarah Davies, Sheridan Textiles
PrintsandNeedles:Natalie Eldershaw, Sheridan Textiles
Yards and Yards: Mary Desrosiers, Sheridan Textiles
Playing With Dolls: KayTor, Sheridan Textiles
Sister Valentine:Francie V, Sheridan Textiles
Letting the fabric speak for itself :Christina Obuch, Sherdan Textiles
Mother Nature Expressions :Chamila Belleth, Sheridan Textiles
Hands & Feet: Brittni Gazendam, Sheridan Textiles
Textile Analyses 101. On the Velvet Highway
Ontario's Textile Fall
The Back Page "The Cotton Dancer" review by Jia