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Volume 10, Issue 1, Summer 2014


 Imges: top left  Earthquake Skirt, collected debris, kinetic movement based on live data feed of earthquake activity on the planet, 2011. Erin Lewis. Photo credit: Erin Lewis, below 4 images from opening day of ‘MATRICES’. the out installtions at Moon Rain Centre during the La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2013. cross the bottom left to right,  detail of Work Jacket and top by Mariya Tsehtik - NSCAD University, Gloves by Andrew McPhail shown at Fibremen International 2013,  “Oritatama Nuno, Folded Cloth”, 2014. by Capilano grad Carly Hulse, above detail of "On my Bed # 5", by Luke Hains 2012, centre image is Sheridan Grad Hillary Dube detail shot – player 1.beading, foil, print. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra


Editorial Regarding Nothing
Mariya Tsehtik - NSCAD University
Sheridan: Hillary Dube
Capilano: Carly Hulse
inspiring textile innovation: Erin Lewis, visionary By Line Dufour
Susan Taber Avila A Natural Phenomenon by Joe Lewis
masculine fabrication: part 1 complied by Joe Lewis
Stray into that distasteful territory of Textiles: thoughts on a conundrum. By Joe Lewis
Sampler Of Reviews Of 2013 14 Textile Exhibitions In Canada