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Lemon Collective & Marie Antoinette: Out of the Vaults,


a sampling of the Provincial Baskets circling the tree, made by Katherine Morley of the Lemon Collective 

Lemon Collective

Lemon is a Toronto-based collective made up of recent OCAD graduates who work across a variety of fibre-related materials. The members includes Lisa Keophila, Katherine Morley, Sarah Nadas,  Kat O'Shaughnessy, Willie Yung

I first saw the work of these artists at the OCAD Open House Evolving DNA last spring.  Monica Bodirsky interviewed Kat O’Shaughnessy along with three other Textile focused students who graduated in the spring for the Finishing School column in the summer 08 issue of fibreQUARTELY. Walking down the hall to wards the fibre students “Store” at the open house I found the brightly coloured and whimsical trapunto quilt work of Sarah Nadas. I had the opportunity to see her and the work of  four other OCAD grads again at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street West in Toronto during pieceWORK   the weekend show and sale that coincided with the opening of Hard Twist, the Gladstone’s third annual textile and fibre arts exhibition.


Lisa Keophila; As a Textile Artist and Designer, I am constantly dreaming up creative and innovative ways in which to use old techniques. My interests lie in high contrast, graphic imagery and the tactile experience. The design of these coin purses have been inspired by Hungarian cutwork.


  Industrial Designer Katherine Morley develops her works with lashings of concept often followed by a dash of iconography. Her current practice favours mould-making and slip-casting, yet she always finds time to rescue and experiment with "found" and vintage textiles. The Provincial Baskets are made with material painstakingly collected from each corresponding Canadian province or territory. They feature the predominant colours of the provincial or territorial flag.

She reviewed Knitting: The Big Knit Landscape Section 4, An installation by Deborah Wang and William Elsworthy at Made, May 2008 in the summer/ 08 issue of fibreQUARTERLY


Kat O'Shaughnessy Using newly developed digital technology and ancient craft techniques; I create artwork and functional design items that explore the dynamic between humanity and the machine. I work and play as craftster and programmer, seamstress and electrician, human and avatar, and my work has been an exploration of all that this entails. 


 (if you need to by Dad a neck tie this Christmas you might consider one of these if he is young and hip at heart.)


Willie Yung:My work is predominantly inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting and is strongly influenced by my Chinese heritage. I believe the practice of Chinese paper-cutting is one of the most unique cultural practices. I have made it my own by transferring the technique onto different materials, such as cotton and silk. The patterns of my fabric cutworks are developed from my line drawings of nature imagery, usually including plants and flowers. My work has evolved from decorative wall hanging to 3D light structures and more. 


the "installation" images were taken by me roving reporter/ editor/ publisher and creative of myth me, joe lewis the “Product” shots are from the lemon collective website and used with permission. For more information visit the lemon collective web site http://www.lemoncollective.com/

to see more images of their work visit their Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/lemoncollective/

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