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After returning to Toronto after this conference i quickly got in touch with some of the presenters, attendees and student interns to solicit reports on this event and a request for images. You have read the reports so now here are the images. 

Barbra layne Tornado Dress 2007

According to the exhibition catalogue for Inspired Design exhibition " Barbara Layne, from Montreal, is Professor, Concordia University, and a member of Hexagram; the Institute for Research and Creation in Media Arts and Technologies researching Interactive Textiles and wearable computers. She designs performative textiles for costume and stage, dance and other performance events."
Barbara Layne is also the maker of this dress. Though not the piece that was in the exhibition it is part of the same series of pieces she has been working on using the photographs of  Nebraska storm-chaser, Mike Hollingshead.

Tornado Dress. 2007

The fabric of the Tornado Dress features a mimaki print of a tornado. A funnel cloud and lightening bolts are printed on linen fabric. The lining has been embroidered with conductive threads and electronic components including super-bright white LEDs. Three small photocells were stitched to the outside of the dress and detect ambient light. Depending on the quantity of light that is sensed, different flashing patterns are triggered in the LED display, reminiscent of lightning effects that can accompany severe weather situations.

 Tornado Photographer Mike Hollingshead work can be seen at his website 


Presenter "Joanna Berzowska, Assistant Professor of Design and Computation Arts Concordia University, Montreal and founder and research director of XS Labs has developed animated fabric, constructed with conductive yarns and thermochromic inks together with custom electronics components woven on a Jacquard loom "

Joanna Berzowska Krakow

  Krakow: a woven story of memory and erasure: jacuard woven textile, produced on the loom at Conordia, colbrative production by Joanna Berzowska, Christine Keller, and Marguerite Bromley,(c) XS Labs 2006 

Krakow detail

The Krakow weaving is an electronic, colour-changing Jacquard weaving that
integrates conductive yarns, thermochromic inks, and custom control
electronics. It illustrates a scene from my childhood in Poland. Over time,
the ink overprinted on the figures in the weaving changes colour from pink to
transparent. Like our (candy-coloured) memories of them, the people in the
textile disappear over time. As populations are displaced, the traces of
their presence in place and time are similarly erased.

At XS Labs, we develop electronic textiles that react in unusual ways to our
bodies and our environments. We develop textile substrates that integrate
conductive yarns, control electronics, and various active materials such as
thermochromic inks or the shape-memory alloy Nitinol in order to build
animated and/or interactive textiles. These electronic textiles are created
using traditional textile manufacturing techniques: spinning conductive
yarns, weaving, embroidering, sewing, and printing with inks. 

 Robin Muller  from NSACD University was one of four Canadians attending the conference. In 2008 her jacquard work was exhibited at fibreworks 2008 in Cambridge Galleries and she has a piece currently on tour in the CBBBA's [Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild] Art of The Book exhibition.  

Robin Muller Sand Scroll
Sand Scroll 

Robin Muller shabori scroll

Shibori Scroll: Cotton, silk, and paper, industrial tapestry technique with computer Jacquard imagery, woven at a Oriole Mill

Robin Muller 3 dresses
The jacquard skirts are flat fabrics woven with the photo/illusion of pleats, ruffles and crinkles.

joe lewis at MCCT
For those of you who doubt that I actually make art, here I am at the end of a hard day at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles 
 joe lewis Rage 2008
joe lewis Rage back
 Rage,[front and back] 2008,  jacquard woven cloth, 6 colour repeat cotton warp, 3 colour/ shuttle mixed cotton and sewing thread warp, 48.26 centimetres wide X 152.4 centimetres High (19 “ X 60” ) woven at the  Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles 
joe lewis thre guys hanging around
three guys hanging around, by joe lewis 2006 Jacquard woven cloth hangings, 6 colour cotton warp with 3 colour,white and black wool and Grey mercerized cotton sewing thread weft. Designed with Pointcarré software and woven at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles,

all Images in this gallery have been provided by the artist, they are subject to copyright and used here with permission

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