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Elan Full cloth


El Anatsui at the Belger Arts Center May 29th to September 4th, 2009


 Reviewed by Monica Bodirsky


Off the Grid: 2009 Surface Design Association Conference

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Conference DVD

 off the grid dvd


This conference DVD covers various highlights of last spring’s surface design conference and exhibition. Interesting to peruse, but note that certain features aren’t available until you pop it into your computer. Produced by Studio Galli , fine arts and crafts films, the quality and editing are clean, clear and logical. At times the DVD is a bit too much of an infomercial for the Surface Designers Association for those of us familiar with the non-profit organization, but I can certainly see the value of the DVD as an educational tool for those new to the association or surface design.

Although packed with information, I wasn’t compelled to listen to all of the audio clips or watch all of the fashion show, but found the hi resolution images of the exhibition outstanding. Detail shots of Ray Materson’s intimate and poignant embroideries and close-ups of selected pieces from Jennifer Angus’s disturbing ‘Terrible Beauty’ were the next best thing to seeing the work in person. For those of you who were at the conference and would like a memento, or for those who couldn’t attend and would like to learn more about the Association, this DVD is the answer.


alice kettle
Alice Kettle embroidery at  Belger Arts Center May 29th to September 4th, 2009

Demonstrations 2009:Surface Design Association

International Conference

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Featuring: Jane Dunnewold, Kerr Grabowski, Lisa Klakulak, Kathyanne White, Daniella Woolf.

sda 2009 workshop dvd

I was pleasantly surprised by this DVDI. Produced by Studio Galli as a companion to the Surface Design Association’s International conference DVD, this how-to features several well-known surface designers such as Jane Dunnewold, author of Complex Cloth (1996), Lisa Klakulak of Strongfelt, and, Danielle Woolf, encaustic artist. Each of the demonstrations was filmed live at the SDA conference, is easy to follow, and quite captivating if you are interested in surface design techniques.

Artist Kathyanne White demonstrates how she incorporates several different types of gel media to various fabrics and runs them through her ink jet printer for a wide variety of textures and colour patterning. She even suggests certain plastic bead and mica flake textures are appropriate as long as they are sanded down a bit before putting them through your printer.  Jane Dunnewold is a consummate professional who has obviously spoken so many times she makes her presentation seem as effortless as her inventive soy wax resist techniques. I found Daniella Woolf’s encaustic demonstration remarkable. Her versatility and ability to combine disparate items such as photocopied clip art, drywall grid, tissue paper, India ink, and, pigment sticks, to mention a few, were certainly inspiring and had me running to the studio to play.

For surface designers, students, and textile artists wishing to expand technique repertoires, this DVD is an invaluable reference you will use repeatedly.

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