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Dry Point Etching by Micheal Kelley

Joe, dry point etching by Micheal Kelly, 1986


Regine Faust (Schuett) in her Downsville studio in the mid 1980s  with argyle "samplers"
Dorothy Caldwell



artist Karen Thiessen and Dorothy Caldwell standing in Michele Provost embroidered "Its Only Rock and Roll" hallway at the opening of Close to You at the Textile Museum  

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Editorial: April 21 2010

A Makers Hands: Approaches To Textile Work In Canada




Natash St. Micheals 


Regina Faust

Lysanne Latulippe


Canadian Quilt Assocation ? ACC: Teacher of the Year 

Screen Printing

Virginia Johnson

Judy Black

Surface Design

Gunnel Hag,

Dorothy Caldwell


Bure & Linon Boutique

Rilla Marshall

Canadian Tapestry


2009 Textile Conferences 

2009 A year in Textiles


Stitches in Time  

Micheline Beauchemin 1929 - 2009

Helen Duffy1923-2008

Paula Gustafson 1941- 2006




Weaving: Bure & Linon Boutique Weaving by Marilyn Bernier , Volume 5 Issue 2/ Spring 2009