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I'm not sure how lengthy a report you would want on Convergence but I'll give you a few paragraphs of my thoughts on the conference and you can make what use of it you may.

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Convergence this year was in Albuquerque, hot with a wide open sky dotted with balloons, a modern city spotted with adobe and bright splashes of colour.  The convention center was almost completely filled by the HGA and we soon got to know the layout of the two buildings well, with the initial help of the many volunteers.


Perhaps the best thing about Convergence is the freedom one feels to talk to strangers; anyone with the big HGA bag or the conference shirt is kindred. Once the identifying sign was seen we all felt free to share benches, lunch tables, or taxis and immediately ask what class had been taken. And, of course, anyone in the fairytale bazaar that was the sales floor could be asked for their opinion on a planned purchase. The dealers were free with advice and many had samples of the latest equipment or fibre that could be tried on site. Most people returned many times.


The classes were varied in subject matter and in length and, although I didn't go on any of them, I heard that the tours were also very good. I enjoyed several of my classes so much that I wished they could have been longer but I was also so tired by the end that I was afraid of falling asleep.


The birthday party for HGA was a big hit. With cake and cookies to nibble on everyone got a chance to do some wet felting and/or be part of one of the eight-person teams braiding giant kumihimo braids with kaleidoscope coloured cords.

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With the international mix of textile people and rooms filled with special shows it was a heady mix. I had to take a second week of vacation just to recover and let it all soak in.


Pat Corbett is a second generation memebr of the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Handweavers 

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