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A very special textile printing environment in Montréal

           The Centre design & impression textile de Montréal was founded in 1985 by Monique Beauregard and by the late Robert Lamarre, both textile designers/makers and artists.  The Centre is a non-profit organisation whose main concerns are teaching at college and university level as well as creating and developing a textile printing environment accessible to artists, designer-makers, one-offs and production craft-persons thus offering them resources and services to support their practice. It is also a forum of ideas and know-how in the broad field of surface design and printed textiles.

 screen printing

 Students at work in the Printing Studio 

          The Centre also aim at disseminating the creativity of people involved in this art form. Whether it be for design purposes or as an art form, we have presented artists in our gallery, Galerie T for several years.  Some of our exhibition toured around the world : Les Saisons in Canada, France, USA; Impressions textiles de Montréal work of Monique Beauregard and Robert Lamarre in Canada and France; Mots croisés/Palabras cruzadas and Amériques sinueuses/Americas Sinuosas in Canada and Argentina.
pillows by Frederique Satre,
Frederique Satre, products
 Soft blocks and "Toy" basket by Frederique Satre

           Artists from the Centre exhibited in Lin minuscule in France, Éventails in Belgium, Tracing Purpose in USA, to name but a few. For some years we also represented some textile designers in fairs like Indigo/Décosit in Brussels and Surtex in New York. Throughout the years we have been involved in international development in Guinea/Conakry through the International Development Research Centre of Canada, in Mauritius, in India and in Bolivia.

          dye mixing

mixing dyes for printing

          From the very beginning in 1985, the Centre has invited textile artists and makers to give advanced workshops and lectures to professional textile designers and artists. We had the chance of working with Françoise Derleyn and Daniel Henry (Belgium), Diana Harrison and Linda Brassington (England), Ana-Lisa Hedstrom, Junco Sato, Jason Pollen, Robert Smith (USA) Dorothy Caldwell (Canada) Rosa Skific (Argentina).


          In 1989 the Centre was instrumental in developing with the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and professional craft-persons a post-secondary three year textile printing program whose main objective is to ensure a solid foundation in three aspects of professional craft practice: art & design, studio work and basic business awareness. Textile printing courses include drawing and designing for printed textiles, dye classes, wax resist, bound resists, direct application, block and screen printing and CAD for textile printing.


           Students who register for the three year program also have to complete academic courses in humanities, languages and complementary studies at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. The program is only offered in a full-time format and courses are spread over six semesters for a full three years.


          All studio courses take place in a recycled factory, close to the Lachine Canal, which also houses many artist studios and lofts in accordance with the " école-atelier"  model promoted by  professional designer-makers. This innovative model requires that specialism courses take place in an "as close to real life environment " as possible and be taught by practicing professionals. This concept  stimulates interactions between students acquiring their basic training and outside professionals using equipment and facilities for their productions.

           Marie Eve Gauthier scarves

Marie Eve Gauthier, scarves top is felted and dye below is printed 

          Organizations such as Le Cirque du Soleil used the Centre for their dyeing and printing needs until they relocate it in their new building complex. Most of the textile designers and printers of the Cirque studied at the Centre.  Textile designers and printers as well as theatre and dance companies, fashion designers and textile artists can access the facilities on their own or through grants and bursaries from either Canada Council,  the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec programs. We also offer intensive week-end classes in all aspects of textile printing. These are mostly aimed at the general public.

 getting ready to print

getting ready to print

          Annually, in May, the Centre organizes a show presenting the activities that took place during the year. For that occasion graduating students present their final project and a selection of first and second year student works cover most aspects of printed textiles.   

           Emanuelle Dion Booth at the exhibition of graduates in textile printing, 2009

Emanuelle Dion Booth at the exhibition of graduates in textile printing, 2009

website:  http://www.designtextile.qc.ca/

Director: Monique Beauregard

4710  St-Ambroise, studio 326

Montreal (Que)

H4C 2C7

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