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Like I said in my editorial I have been traveling this spring actually the past half of year starting in Montreal. I had to go to attended the opening of Jacquard 2x2 Montréal/Tokyo : Emiko Nakano, Mitsuko Akutsu, Julianna Joos and Louise Lemieux Bérubé January 22 to March 6, 2011
Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges 5290, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges.

Left to right: Mitsuko Akutsu, Louise Lemieux Bérubé, Julianna Joos and Emiko Nakano they are standing in front of the diptych 'Flowers 2" by Louise [photo by Joe Lewis]


 I posted something in fQaroundtown Blog about it and you can read my review of the show in the up and coming issue of Studio Magazine from the Ontario Craft Council.  Montreal in winter my seem cold to some people but since I had spent the New Year holidays in Calgary at minus 30 degrees Centigrade Montreal seemed warmish. I caught two amazing shows: Frech artist Sarah Garzoni : Corps étranger January 8 - February 26, 2011 at Art Mûr 5826 St _Hubert S, I had seen her Tuffed Pig during the TIAF this passed fall but was not prepared for the surrealist beauty of her of limited edition clothing  series entitled Topodermie [ don't look for a French to English translation it is Topography and Taxidermy squished together ] the other show was the gallery size installation  Jannick Deslauriers:Traces et linceuls, February 12 - March 12 2011, CIRCA -Art CONTEMPORAIN in the Bellagio Building on rue St Catherine. This large installation of a battle torn street complete with this ghost of a tank is  very disturbing. visually it is barely there being made of nearly transparent materials thought it almost fills the gallery. The attention to detail is exacting and speaks of lives lived if not lost then as damaged as the broken piano and exposed water pipes and other pieces of urban infrastructure.

mitsuko pannels  

Untitled work by Mitsuko Akutsu

nipple dress

Topodermie/ nipple dress by Sarah Garzoni

Jannick Deslauriers

Jannick Deslauriers:Traces et linceuls

websites to visit :
Sarah Garzoni http://www.sarahgarzoni.com/

Art Mûr http://artmur.com/Jannick Deslauriers  http://www.jannickdeslauriers.com/CIRCA -Art CONTEMPORAIN http://www.circa-art.com/Home.html 

zent snow knit

Zent Keymole: "Snow Knit" pillow of  Bamboo and Silk 

I had to drop by the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles  to see what was going on and saw some current and past students work like knitted design of Zent Keymole. We have connected on facebook  but not in real life. His line of apparel is fresh and funky I liked his "Snow Knit" pillow of  Bamboo and Silk  http://www.zentkeymole.com/.  The MCCT 20 x 20 fund raising silent auction was up and yes i felt guilty for having yet again not donated a piece ( I have managed to get something into the Textile Museum of Canada's yearly Shadow Box  fund raiser once). I continue my trek around Montreal visiting Concordia and the MFA Open House. Which I blogged about and also put in a face book album. 

Jacquelyn Hebert knitted film screen

Concordia MFA student Jacquelyn Hebert's knitted film screen

Febuary 11& 12 2011 Concordia MFA Open Studios and Jannick Deslauriers at CIRCA gallery.

louis Schklar Dolls

Lois Schklar-Thirty Years of Dolls at *new* gallery 906 Queen Street West, Toronto March 2-March 20 2011 Photo by Joe Lewis, This was the last exhibition at the *new* gallery which was organized as a fine craft collective gallery. publishes of the broadsheet "newVIEW" essays on contemporary Crafts edited by Anne Barros and other collective members.  it will be missed.

Back to Toronto for the spring shows I am just going to post the links to the albums and move on to this past week when I went to Edmonton and visited the Alberta Craft Council's office, shop and gallery for the first time

.textile and fibres March 2011 March 2011 .. Toronto Guild of Hand Weavers and Spinners, Handy: An Exhibition of Functional Craft, March 17 - April 10, 2011, Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, 990 Queen Street W, Toronto
Lois Schklar-Thirty Years of Dolls, The Artist Project,

April 2, 2011 at the Cambridge Galleries Anna Torma & Selections

on Saturday April 2 i met up with Nadia L. Chai and we headed up to the Cambridge Galleries attend the opening of Anna Torma's ncyclopaedia Domestica at Queen's Square then crossed the park to Design at Riveside to see Selected Works: Cambridge Galleries Contemporary Canadian Textile Collection..

Fashion Art Toronto...[FAT] April 26 -29 2011. this is a sampling of the "Art" side of Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week

School is Over and its Open House May 2011 The grad shows and open house that come each year at the end of school have begun on April 28th I went to the Sheridan exhibition at the Ontario Craft Council and on Thursday May 5th it was OCAD Universities open house which is on until Sunday, after that I headed over to MADE for Amanda McCavour "ICEBOX" opening

2011 Life at the Textile Museum of Canada  TMC Magic Squares: The Patterned Imagination of Muslim Africa in Contemporary Culture curated by Patricia Bentley May 18, 2011 - Nov 20, 2011 featuring the work of contemporary artist Jamelie Hassan, Hamid Kachmar, Alia Toor and Tim Whiten along with works from the collection.

ACAD Grad Show May 26, 2011 Along with the work coming out of the fibre program there were students using textiles as media or textile references with which to create or enhance their work in the Sculpture and drawing programs.

Before telling you about my trip to Edmonton lets pause and look at the Badlands and Hoodoos of Drumheller Alberta one of the many amazing landscapes of Canada.



The badlands of souther Alberta. Drumheller July 14, 2011

On my trip to Edmonton and the Alberta Craft council I photographed some of the work in their "generation whY" It was an interest group of under 35 year olds. I got in touch with some through facebook and asked if it would be alright if I posted my photos of the show (the ACC had given me permission to shot them of course) One person in particular responded with such enthusiasm and because she had graduated from the University of Lethbridge, a place not known for having a fibre department, that I asked if she would like to be in this issue of fibreQUARTERLY.  In less the 24 hours she submitted the ask for 700 words and 6 images.

An that my friends is how facebook has worked for me this week. How is it working for you in this multi networking world?



gen y
on the far left are works by Michael Yung 1985 Calgary (basket woven photographs and cross stitch, centre hanging embellished chees cloth pannels by ACAD Universtiy student Dayna Ellen 1989 Calgary and on the right another figure by Shanell Papp from the University of Leftbridge

you can visit Dayna Ellen on line at http://daynaellen.carbonmade.com/

Micheal Yung has puplic albums posted on facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150714158055311.715428.890860310&type=1#!/media/set/?set=a.37037055569.107824.624285569  hopefully you can view them throught this link with out having to sign in.
you can read Shanell Papp's finishing school articel On my fibre education: Shanell B. Papp, B.F.A., 
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