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HYGIEIA SERIES, by Lin Changwen ,MA

HYGIEIA SERIES, by Lin Changwen ,MA
 The Work of 2011 Graduation -Fiber and Space Art Studio at of China Academy of Art

On Friday September 21/ 2011 day two of  “Rewind into the Future; European Textile Networks 16th Conference which took place the opening weekend of the Kauno Bienalé Textile 11 the “Networking Sessions” took place. This format of less formal ten minute presentation in rapid fire secession is, in my experience, unique to the ETN meetings. It is the opportunity for twenty or so individuals representing schools, textile institutions and national or regional maker directed organizations to presented current and up and coming projects/ events they are working on. While showcasing the work they are also encouraged to request the cooperation of those of us attending to spreading the word while offering an invitation visit and/or to participate. Of these, the presentation of “Fibre Visions” by Shan Zeng of the China Academy of Art, and Shi Hui (Head of Fiber and Space Art Studio,and is a Director of the Hangzhou Triennial about the development of the first Hangzhou International Fibre Art Exhibition taking place in China in 2013, held the interest of the audience and is something to watch for.

 Below is the text they provided us and a selection of images from recent exhibitions they presented at home and abroad.

 BREAK THROUGH, by Wang Zhijian, MA

BREAK THROUGH, by Wang Zhijian,MA
 The Work of 2011 Graduation -Fiber and Space Art Studio at of China Academy of Art

“Fiber visions” First Hangzhou International Fiber Art Exhibition 2013 CHINA

The Hangzhou Triennial, an exhibition of contemporary fiber art, will be held in Hangzhou. It is one of the most significant cities in China, only 150 km away from Shanghai. On the west side of the city, lies the beautiful West Lake - its Cultural Landscape was added to the UN World Heritage List on June 24 •

As an ancient proverb says: “Above there is heaven; below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Throughout the ages, Hangzhou has been an abundant land of ‘milk and honey’ and was highly praised by Marco Polo, when he traveled from Italy during the Yuan Dynasty, as ‘the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world’.

The first Triennial will be primarily organized and administered by Zhejiang Museum of Art, National Silk Museum and China Academy of Art - the Varbanov Tapestry Research Center which will continue to be one of its main venues in future events.

We intend to invite over 50 artists from all over the world to participate in the exhibition with ‘Fiber visions’ as its theme.

september 2009
Maryn Varbanov and the Chinese Avant-Garde in the 1980,An Archival and Educational Exhibition, September 2009, Art Museum of China Academy of Art 
            218 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou
Works by Varbanov’s students Works by Huang Yan, Shan Zeng, Shi Hui, Liang Shaoji and Assadour Markarov
Works by Varbanov’s students Huang Yan, Shan Zeng, Shi Hui, Liang Shaoji and Assadour Markarov in Maryn Varbanov and the Chinese Avant-Garde exhibition

We are happy to have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the Zhejiang Museum of Art and China National Silk Museum and would like to invite artists to come and collaborate with each other and showcase their selected original art works as well as those from the museum collections. By taking a curatorial approach, we mean to bring together artists from different generations.

As the Hangzhou Triennial aims to create a wide range of opportunities for the public to become involved with contemporary art, exhibitions and programs will be aligned under the keywords:

• Contemporary - Historic • Hand • Mind • Development • Heritage • Local • Global

As a result, we hope to achieve the following:

- To enrich people’s experience via seeing and appreciating textile and fiber art.

- To nurture both artists and art enthusiasts

- To connect contemporary art with the future and the past

- To build a network of communities engaged in the creation and promotion of contemporary textiles and fiber art.

Art Work By Shi Hui

Art Work By Shi Hui in Metamorphoses of The Textile - Exhibition of Chinese And Bulgarian Textile Art
opening night
Opening night at  of Metamorphoses of The Textile a Joint exhibition of teachers working in the field of the Textile art from China and Bulgaria at the  Sofia City Art Gallery 7 December 2010 -15 January 2011

We will also coordinate with various local governments and communities, such as the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal and Cultural Administrative Office, and enthusiastic individuals who are devoted to culture development in Hangzhou. Working with these local partners is one of the unique features of Hangzhou Triennial.

We hope to support contemporary artists and their creative endeavors and highlight the significance of their contributions to the human society. We also hope that the Hangzhou Triennial will establish itself as a forum that expands the cultural capacity in and outside of China. We will strive to develop ourselves into a cultural center that will have huge positive impact on the future of arts.

Director General: Shi Hui

Location: Zhejiang Museum of Art and China National Silk Museum

Date: 2013

Organizing Committee for Hangzhou Triennial Office — do Zhejiang Museum of Art, China National Silk Museum and China Academy of Art.

Director General: Shi Hui

Chief of Hangzhou Triennial Office: Shan Zeng

Curators: Shi Hui, Shan Zeng, Assadour Markarov


China Academy of Art

218, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou 310002 PR. China Tel: +86-571-87164695 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it www.fiberartnow.cn

 The Fifth Dimension-Art of Fiber and Space

October 18 - December 12,2009

Curators: Feng Boyi, Shi Hui, Shan Zeng

  Scarlet(《红》) by Ying Ni hui

Scarlet(《红》) by Ying Ni hui

Instantaneous Metamorphosis(《变脸》)by Li Wei

Instantaneous Metamorphosis(变脸》)by Li Wei

Hair Affairs (《发语》)by Wang Zhenghong

Hair Affairs (《发语》)by Wang Zhenghong

Participating Artists:
Shi Hui, Shan Zeng, Huang Yan, Liang Shaoji,
Chen Wei, Fu Yan, He Shanshan, Huang Zhe,
Li Dian, Li Wei, Lin Changwen, Lin jia,
Song Chunyang, Wang Fei, Wang Jinglei,
Wang Zhenghong, Wang Zhijian, Wu Jiazheng

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, Gate No.7, People’s Park, 231Nanjing West Road, Shanghai,

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