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Kyôko Ibe, Requiem, 2011. Junkyû Mutô, Kaze no wa (Circle Wind), 2010.
Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers,September 16-December 18, 2011, at Japan Society Gallery, 333 East 47th Street, NY, NY, Installation photo by Richard Goodbody. review by Carol D. Westfall

With the loss of the US publication FIBERARTS magazine last summer the textile arts community has lost a central clearing house of exhibition reviews and listings. While there are many event and call for submissions listing sites on line it is the loss of a vital venue for published reviews that leaves a hole in the all ready small number of publications exclusively dedicated to textiles that is unfortunate and problematic.  While work using textiles as a medium, reference or textile construction as a process to create innovative work in non-traditional ways has been increasing the places to read informed critical analyses of such work is limited. Those who do have the historical and process knowledge to provide authoritative look at such work haven't access to main stream "art" publications. The obscure, Academic and unfortunately expensive journals that focus on textiles and their history aren't often found in the magazine rack at your corner store or the big box book stores as Fiberarts was. 
While fibreQUARTERLY has tried to focus on Canadian content and nurture Canadian textile writing we are now welcoming submissions from where ever they come. It is rumored that Fiberarts wasn't  profitable  enough for the corporation that acquired it from its original publisher.  On - line publishing keeps fibreQUARTERLY's production cost down and enables space for larger articles and more visuals. We are now determined to increase our coverage exhibitions outside of Canada regardless of Canadian content . While writers from outside of Canada have found the Canadian content to submit to us in the past it is textile content we are looking for. Happily we are publishing American weaver Carol D. Westfall's look at Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers an exhibition currently on tour in the US in this issue.
The Textile Study Group of New York presents;
deadline March 31 2012
 TSGNY recognizes and encourages the achievements of young fiber artists with the Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award.

To publicize a "Call for Entries" when the award is offered, announcements are sent to magazines and posted at colleges and universities.  Matriculating fiber art students are invited to submit a portfolio showing their work.  The competition is judged by TSGNY’s Scholarship Committee and the award (an honorarium and TSGNY membership) is presented to the winning student at a TSGNY membership meeting.

At TSGNY's April 2008 meeting, the 2008 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award was presented to Gulia Huber, a graduate student in sculpture at Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA.

Rachel Hayes, a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, was the winner of the 2005 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award which was presented to her at TSGNY's June 2005 meeting. 

Rebecca Turbow, a senior at the Massachusetts College of Art, was presented with the 2003 award at TSGNY's June 2003 meeting.

*The Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Award is named in honor of Nancy Koenigsberg, a founding member of the Textile Study Group of New York, and her husband.


Scythia logo


Kherson, Ukraine .

1."Scythia 9" international biennial exhibition on contemporary textile art. Artists from all over the world, who work in different techniques of textile are invited. Two art works can be submitted. Three best artists will be awarded by medals.

2. International Conference. Lecturers of fashion departments of colleges, universities, fashion designers, designers of innovative fabrics, leaders of workshops are invited. Unique education in textile techniques, innovative fabrics, digital and jacquard art weaving, printing, experimental embroidery, beads, felt, accessories, lace, hats, textile jewellery.

3. Wearable Art Show.

4. Master classes, workshops.

5. Crimea tour: Genoese fortress (Sudak), Jalta, Alushta - visit to tsar's palaces Massandra, Livadia, Vorontzov palace, Ajvasovsky picture gallery (Feodosia), Novy Svit and Koktebel. (possible if a group will be 10-15persons)

Deadline for slides, photos and CV - 1 February 2012.

Please contact to receive the Entry Form.


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Laura Ortiz Vega, Doska, 2011

 Laura Ortiz Vega, Doska, 2011, Thread & bees wax on board 6 x 24 inches 

 "Cosmograffiti", Laura Ortiz Vega
Lyons Wier Gallery
November 17 - December 17, 2011
542 West 24th Street · New York, NY 10011   

"Cosmograffiti", Laura Ortiz Vega's first solo exhibition in New York City, fuses traditional Mexican artisanal techniques with contemporary graffiti imagery, creating bold urban landscapes that entice the eye. 

laura Ortiz Vega in Toronto

Laura Ortiz Vega at the Toronto International Art Fair October 28/ 2011 photo: Joe Lewis 

Laura Ortiz Vega's process begins with the photographic documentation of graffiti she encounters in the streets of her native Mexico City. Once the original source material has been gathered and gleaned, she starts her process of editing and abstracting, whereby the aggressive environmental content of the original source material is re-contextualized through her own aesthetic filter, developing an intimate visual interpretation rendered in thread.   

Further to her appropriations, Vega employs the traditional Mexican technique of the Huichol Indians as her rendered surfaces of colorful threads are embedded into and held in place by a natural bees wax called Cera de Campeche.  Laura Ortiz Vega has exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Canada.  She lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.  


Click on Image to see Large scale close up

 Edwardian Duchess Satin Cage Look Dress / fall winter 2008-09 collectionPhoto : Le Pigeon

  Green  and  Pink Edwardian Duchess Satin Cage Look Dress / fall winter 2008-09 collection Photo : Le Pigeon [Image provided by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts used with permission.]

"The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier. From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" organized by The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is on tour now
Dallas Museum of Art
November 13, 2011 - February 12, 2012
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young
March 24 - August 19, 2012
Fundación Mapfre - Instituto de Cultura, Madrid
September 26 - November 18, 2012
Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands

February 9 - May 12, 2013  

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