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seed beads

  Richard McVetis "proportions of a male figure," 2010, hand embroidered wool – seeding, cross stitch   h 76 x w 58 cm


As I said in my editorial:"Next I posted a couple of queries on my own page in Facebook, and on selected "group" pages. There was an instant response. It was pointed out there where lots of man working with textiles. Cathryn Stone, a friend of Fiberarts/ Mixed Media on Facebook, directed me to a blog called Nacho Grandma's Quilt's which has a list of 76 male quilters. Mary Pal posted a link to Paul Léger's Page on ManQuilters on the fibreQUARTERLY Groupies page."


Daniel Algranate http://www.algranate.com/ 

Tasara Beypore http://www.tasaraindia.com/

Kia Chan http://www.kaichan.ca/index.html

Myles Covent http://www.mylescovent.com/myles.html

Thomas Cronenberg http://www.tapart.de/

Mackenzie Frere http://www.mackenziefrere.com/  

Luciano Ghersi http://lucianoghersi.blogspot.com/ 

David Grenier, http://www.davidgrenier.ca/ 

Grant Heaps http://www.grantheaps.com/ 

Petter Hellsing http://www.petterhellsing.se/ 

William Hodge http://www.armurestudios.ca/ARMURE_STUDIOS/Welcome.html

ANDREW MACDONALD, www.andrewmacdonald.ca

Maximo Laura http://www.maximolaura.com/

Andreas Moeller  www.moeller-hamburg.com

 Bill Morton http://www.artists-society.ab.ca/artists-and-their-works/current-members/william-morton.aspx

Firat Neziroglu http://www.firatneziroglu.blogspot.com/ 

Ed Pien http://www.edpien.com/ 

Dale Roberts http://daleroberts.blogspot.com/

Michael F Rohde http://www.michaelrohde.com/ 

Stephen Schofield http://www.stephenschofield.ca/en

Alain Taral http://www.votreportail.net/e-vision/taral/new/1_gb.htm     

Bob Verschueren http://www.bobverschueren.net/ 

Dwayne Wanner http://www.dfwannerquilts.com/ 

William Whitehair, traditional Navajo weaver.  http://www.williamwhitehair.com/weaving.html


Nacho Grandma's Quilts' with a list of 79 male quilters  http://nachograndmasquilts.blogspot.com/2009/05/male-quilters-blogs-and-websites.html



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