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It was going to the ETN Conference in Lithuania and the many interesting conversations I participated in that made my wonder how these different organizations saw their roll in a larger context.  While there I look at textiles and in "Six Weeks on the Velvet Highway: a Textile Journal part 2" I tell you about the woven work that was display at the 8th International Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD.
Why bother is an often asked question and my only response is why not. 
As a maker, as a writer, as an active observer of textile activities I am a member of the Surface Design Association and the European Textile Network. I have a membership to the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto and the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte Ontario and did subscribe to Fiberarts magazine while it was published and do subscribe to Selvedge. I have just added Cahiers métiers d'art ::: Craft Journal to my bookshelf to replace fiberarts. I can't afford not to make these yearly expenditures I am dependent on keeping up up to date, informed and on supporting the community that supports me.
"In These Hard Times" yikes what an easily accessed sentiment that we won't accept with out complaint when funding bodies no longer give it to the arts and things shut down and we entrench, cut back and Fiberarts is not profitable to its corporate owner and... 
For this issue i contacted the administrators of the Costume Society of America, the European Textile Network, Surface Design Association and the Textile Society of America and asked them for a profile of their organization and to suggested a member who could write about why they were a member. I suggested this should be thought of as a recruitment drive, an attempt to gain new members.
Each responded differently.  You will also.
On two back to back visits to the TMC the first for the opening of Dare to Wear Love which was begun in 2009 to raise funds and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation in its support of grass roots organizations fighting the HIV AIDS pandemic in Sub Saharan Africa. The next night I accidentally stumbled upon an opening of Ryerson University Fashion program exhibition of historic reproductions. I instantly thought of the two submissions I had received from the Costume Society of America and wonder if one of the Ryerson students would be interested in submitting something about their project as an adjunct to the CSA. In less then 24 hours I had Carly Hobson article on her recreation of Elsa Schiaparelli's  infamous Lobster Dress. 
 Sandra Reford who had been asked by Europeén du Patchworkto  curate an exhibition of Canadian textile work to be featured at the 18th annual festival happening in September of this year has provide a preview of the exhibition written by McGill University student Christina Colizza who is the Culture Editor at The McGill Daily.
With that, I have my winter issue of fibreQUARTERLY complete and ready for you
discover and enjoy
joe lewis February 23 2012
asleep at the wheel
Tilleke Schwarz captures publisher and roving reporting thinking about stuff while having a road side coffee in Vilnius Lithuania. 
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