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Manstuff 1 Hammer by Luke
Luke Haynes (USA-WA) Man Stuff #1 Hammer,  quilt 72" x 84"

In 1976, two educators noted the resurgence of interest in textiles across the intersecting worlds of art, craft and design. Thinking they could spur support for new textile programs in US colleges and universities, they put together a conference at the University of Kansas and hoped 200 people would register. 600 showed up.

Thus was born the Surface Design Association. Since that time, our organization has grown to 3800 + members who value the information and support they receive from our publications and benefits. SDA staff produces an outstanding print Journal, an innovative NewsBlog and an interactive website that vigorously promotes the work of SDA members to an international audience.

Our mission is to build awareness and appreciation of all fiber media. We are a leading force for textile arts advocacy and education through our publications, exhibitions, conferences, and financial support of both emerging and established makers. We are the thought leaders to whom the textile arts community turns for inspiration, networking, and creative growth.

Our members are makers who choose fiber media to express their ideas, along with students, educators, curators, collectors and anyone engaged in the creative exploration of fiber and fabric. Our dedicated staff and board generate unique opportunities for education and exhibition - but it is our members who create the outstanding work we promote to our international community and the public-at-large.

  Annie Adelman Linear Motion

 Amie Adelman (USA-TX) Linear Motion I: Variable Dimensions Stretched thread
 photo by Alan Skees
 Joan Schulze Certitude
 Joan Schulze Certitude_15x17 inches  
Adrienne Sloane Fated Glory
 Adrienne Sloane Faited Glory

From the 2011 Venice Biennale to the fashion runways, design fairs and etsy.com, textiles are hot… again. Though in common usage the term, “surface design,” usually refers to either designs created for reproduction by industrial means or architectural surfaces and finishes, SDA defines it as “any process that gives structure, pattern or color to fiber & fabric. These include spinning, felting, papermaking, weaving, knotting, netting, looping, dyeing, painting, stitching, cutting, piecing, printing, quilting, & embellishing.”  For fascinating backstory about how SDA got its name, read this interview with Jack Lenor Larsen by former SD Journal editor Patricia Malarcher: http://longhouse.org/interview.ihtml

SDA has been an enduring advocate for the textile arts and the makers who choose fiber media to express their ideas - whatever the material or process. The members profiled above belong to SDA for the benefits. If you are engaged in the creative exploration of fiber and fabric, you already belong, too. Join us! http://www.surfacedesign.org/

Ann H. Brockette, Ph.D. Executive Director of Surface Design Association

Leesa Hubbell, Editor, SDA Digital News Publications

 The SDA members Gallery on the next page are representative of the disparate backgrounds and creative concerns held by those who choose to be part of our Association.
The next article is sneak preview of SDA member Joan Schulze's " Time To Speak—quilts by Joan Schulze" exhibition happening in Lisbon, Portugal this coming May, It details the processes she uses to create her work.

You can read about indigo specialist  Valérie d. Walker's experiences at the SDA Conference 2009 “Off the Grid”  fQ Volume 5 issue 3 Fall2009

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