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Time To Speak—quilts by Joan Schulze

Lisbon, Portugal 
May 5 - 18, 2012.

If _16 x 17.5 inches
I worked on this series [ ten quilts] for 2 years. 
Year finished— 2011

silk and paper

glue transfer [a method I have experimented with since the 80s]
a mix of found images [ magazines ],  copies of my photos and photocopies of my drawings and parts of works on paper
questions not answers
Questions Not Answers_16 x17.5 inches
I first create a large collage [cut & paste for the composition]

Glue the resulting collage to 10mm silk, sometimes called China silk 

After the glue transfer process is finished [removing paper from the back of the glued fabric]

Cut and sew these pieces to form the final composition

Truth_19 x 21 inches
The finishing steps—
create a backing 
add batting in between the layers [collage top/batting/backing]
quilt by machine
hand bind each quilt


Joan Schulze
Joan Schulze
 Poetic License the art of
Poetic License-The Art of Joan Schulze
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