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 Graduating from the Sheridan College's Crafts and Design program, majoring in Textiles, I have gained the hands-on experience needed to explore my creative thinking using fabrics and yarns. At the same time, I have gained an appreciation for the history of textiles, and how important cloth has been since ancient times and its influence’s on modern societies. We communicate our ethnicity, background and identity with our textile choices and it was inspiring for me to discover the various sources of these defining influences down to pattern, choice of colour and how each inspires us on an individual basis. With all the influences I found what inspires me the most on my works is Mother Nature.

 With the knowledge and experiences I have gathered over the years, I have learned how to express my visual perception of Mother Nature expressions on my pattens using transparent materials. Using different quality fibers and natural organic dye colours on fabrics and learned skill of free hand machine embroidery technique. With the skill of nature drawing capabilities I use all that experience on my embroidery work to show nature on cloth. By layering different qualities of transparent fabrics I try to create the sense of texture and depth on the background of my tree illustrations. At the same time trying to create the viewer the impression of illusion what is behind and to create the curiosity of known and unknown on my work.  Using transparent fabrics also creates a calm and free flow effect that uniquely suits what I’m trying to accomplish on my work. The various use of colours   and different thicknesses of fibers on my embroidery work, to show the depth and masculinity on the line quality of my drawings with the embroidery technique I can bring that to fabrics as well.  Ever since my childhood I was inclined to bring the realism of nature and tell a story on cloth. Embroidery technique allows me to express my desired feelings on cloth


Learning and experiencing techniques from this program with textiles and other media, today I consider my self as an experienced surface designer who understands the design concepts to bring beauty of nature through embroidery to accessorize our body and living spaces.

 My first showcase piece I made for my graduate show. It is called peeking willow tree embroider project. It is a wall hanging piece using transparent cotton gauze fabrics layered with silk fibers.  I treaded the cotton gauze with natural tea dye to create an age look to it. Used silk fiber to create texture on my piece and to give a sheer look to it. Willow trees embroidery done in various cotton fibers to create layers on trees to show the expressions. Presenting seven units to show seven days of a week seven willows represents individual human beans.  My visual perception on human anatomy and tree anatomy are similar. Tree anatomy is all connected leaves branches root same as human anatomies. My choices of Willow trees are to show human expressions as well my personal view on Willow tree are to me it creates sad and happy curiosity feelings. It bring me happy feeling to create many more pieces like this.   


 My future intentions as an artist are to create embroidered illustrations with the inspirations and motifs taken from the beauty of Mother Nature to showcase in galleries. I aspire to own a small business of my own, creating adornment for the body and the home in beautiful craft pieces for people to enjoy. 

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