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Christina Obuch Spores Fungi Apron 2012

 Spores Fungi Apron Cotton, linen w. 61cm, h. 91cm

Within the duration of the three-year Crafts and Design: Textiles program at Sheridan’s College I have learned a lot about the craft world, and the variety of mediums within textiles.  Over three years, I learned everything from paper making to embroidery and various techniques within each approach.

Sheridan has a wide range of faculty that is knowledgeable through different methods and it was a great experience learning their unique techniques. Within the program you can’t help but to be excited to learn different things everyday.  The facilities were equipped so you were able to explore what grasped you the most. I enjoyed my experience in the program and gained a lot of admiration for handmade design.

 Christina Obuch Spores Fungi Mitts 2012

 Spindles Oven Mitts Cotton, linen, heat resist fabric, w. 20cm, h. 33cm

Handmade merchandise is a particular market that grasped me. It's great that these types of programs exist to influence and create awareness for fiber artists. Whether creating or purchasing a handmade item, there is something that is intimate about it all.

It was made for a reason, or maybe not all at all; but all the same it speaks to you in some way knowing some machine didn’t make it.  It’s that emotional connection that makes you appreciate the art behind the craft.

Christina Obuch Necklace 2012

 Necklace, Embroidery, glass beads, wool, silk, handmade paper,w. 30cm, h. 3cm, l. 35cm

In this past year I have focused on a line of kitchen linens including oven mitts, aprons, potholders and tea towels. Unique fungi from all over the world inspired these products.  They have a similar appearance to some of coral, which I found quite interesting. I enjoy working with natural fibers letting the fabric and/or print speak for itself, creating simplistic designs.

 Christina Obuch Broach 2012.jpg

 Broach, Embroidery, glass beads, wool, silk, handmade paper, w. 10cm, h. 3cm, l. 15cm

The inspiration for my work comes from observing and focusing on different shapes and textures. Nature, nostalgia, and vintage themes are present through my work and will continue to inspire me whether it ends up going to antique shops, boutiques or exploring the outdoors on walks with my dog.


Christina Obuch Pillow 2012


 Pillow,Cotton, Pigment, w. 4cm, h. 25cm, l. 45cm

Since graduating this year I will be working out of a studio off James St North, in downtown Hamilton’s Art District, sharing the studio space with six of my fellow graduates from the Class of 2012. I am currently focusing on expanding my business; Hatchet with my love of silk-screened and naturally dyed women and men’s accessories and products for the home. 

Some of my products are available online and in boutiques. For more information you can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Christina Obuch Foral Handbag 2012

Foral Handbag, Cotton, w. 7cm, h. 15cm, 1. 30cm

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