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 Sarah Davies in Lumber Jack Drag

 Textile Lady Sarah Davies

Once upon a time, not too long ago when I was a teenager, visits to the fabric store were my favourite thing to do.  I was unaware of the fact that these visits to the fabric store were just a lot of tasty foreshadowing. I did not think that wading though unattractive fabric at these stores  would have led me to my decision of becoming a surface designer years later.

Attending Sheridan in the first place was pretty much just a fluke and so was deciding to become a Textile Lady-  While enrolled in my foundation year of art studies, I had a friend whose locker was across from the textile studio.  I would often peek in the studio window and look at all the neat stuff that they were working on.  I had no idea really what textiles was all about, but somehow I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  I would recognize textile students outside of school and ask them what the program was about.


Sarah Davies printed textiles


Thinking it was too late to apply for the program, I was ready to set it on the back burner, until a teacher convinced me otherwise and arranged a tour of the studio the next day.   I went on this tour and knew that it was something that I wanted to do for the next three years of my life and forever.

I learned that there was so much more to Textiles than just surface design.

In the program, we learned other forms of textiles and with these I ran into some hardships, although the whole experience was a learning one.  I tried everything and although there were unsuccessful outcomes and failed experiments, I stuck with it and gave the best outcome I could produce. “Why do I need to learn spinning? I am not Rumpelstiltskin!” was a reaction I had to spinning and  this attitude might have come up with other projects we had, but I grew passion toward the mediums though teachers, and classmates, and learned to love what I did.

 Sarah Davies printed textiles

True to my teenage ambitions, the thing that I fell in love with and found as my main talent was  Surface Design, where I can turn all of that unattractive fabric I was sifting through into something beautiful.

A bold illustrative style tends to define my work and I find inspiration for my designs in nature, pop culture, damask patterns and all things cute. I like to have youthful yet sophisticated designs that are for the young and young at heart  whether they feature cowboys on bedsheets, legs on yardage, or cuddly animals in damask patterns.

 I would like to thank the band Glass Beef for putting birds in my art and also supplying the songs that drove my dearest classmates and lifelong friends crazy,  I would also like to thank the creators of the movie Hot Fuzz, which kept me going through the toughest times of the program.

 Sarah Davis felted cape

Now as a graduate, I hope to take my designs further and work with already existing companies. During this time, I hope to also work on my own line of products on the side, which I then plan to turn into my own company  with products for children and the young at heart. I shall also showcase artwork in galleries.  Whatever the world decides for me to do, I am ready!


You can follow sarahs' textile lady life on her blog at www.sarahdeedoesart.blogspot.ca

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