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Tiffany Canha detail of paper dress

 Tiffany Canha detail of paper dress

Being a graduate of Sheridan’s Textile program- After three years the experience has sculpted my textile talents in many ways and has opened my views on what I consider to be craft and art. I don’t see the difference anymore, with the work that I’ve created and will continue to create. Both combine handmade craftsmanship with an artistic flare and a dash of design quality. The program has taught me many techniques and skill sets which I will continue to acquire in my future endeavors.

 With all the fibres we’ve learned about and experimented with, paper is probably the one that has inspired my work the most. Whether it’s surface designs that later get putinto prints or paper making and paper sculpting, it’s one medium that has really caughtmy eye.

In our graduation show, held at the Propeller gallery in Toronto this April 2012, I exhibited a handmade paper dress, titled Flower and Twine. This piece was solely made from Japanese papers that were dyed with natural dyes, screen printed and embellished with origami roses and rolled paper. I created this piece right after I had done a work placement at the Japanese Paper Place. This creation was inspired by the idea of using organic fibres in our clothes to create a more decomposable process when we wanted to get rid of them.

Tiffany Canha  paper dress

Fashion is an interest of mine that is apparent in my work as many of my surface designs have been used in the creation of garments, including the paper dress. I plan to continue to create such creations and will be working on a number of projects.

 Tiffany Canha printed texiles

Tiffany Canha Vests

This next year will give me time to develop my portfolio and integrate myself in the craft world in a more professional manner. By this fall I’ll have a business on etsy selling original printed and organically dyed bedding. By establishing a new studio in Hamilton this May, with some of my former classmates, I am now better able to accomplish every textile project I take on.


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