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 Explore Canadian Textile and Fibre Arts and Craft History, yesterday, today and tomorrow, if it's spun, woven, printed or just quickly stitched up, we try to give it voice

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lesley Truner
The Julia Caprara Hons BA in Embroidered Textiles Middlesex University, Ingrid Lincoln, Judy Martin and Lesley Turner, three Canadian stitch artists, recently completed the rigorous Hons BA in Embroidered Textiles validated through Middlesex University in London, England and graduated this past July 20, 2012.  This degree was offered as distance education through Opus, a school founded by the late Julia Caprara and her husband Alex in 1998.  Those who graduated from Middlesex in 2012 are part of the final graduating class of that courageous experiment, as the school is now closed. read more about inside



Sutlan Tipu tent

Wall (Qanat) from Tipu Sultan’s Tent, (detail) c.1725-50 *

Lent by the National Trust from the Clive Collection at Powis Castle , Wales
Photographer: WeAreTape.com Image provided by Whitworth Gallery

This piece in its enterity was part of the "Cotton: Gobal Threads" exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery, atUniversity Manchester, UK 11 February – 13 May 2012, which is reviewed here on the Backpage by Xu Jia is a graduate student at the China Academy of Art

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 Coming Soon: Textiles on Film

SKy Morrison and Kathryn Lipke Vigessaa

In this photo from the Hastings fbre Festival are Sky Morrison PhD., Folklorist and Textile Scholar from Hastings Ontario (one of organizer of festival) on the right Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa: Artist and Film Maker, from Montreal PQ and Vermont US are holding "Molas" the reverse applique work made by Kuna Women. Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa and Skye Morrison Organized the exhibition "Molas in Transitions" for the Museum of Costume and Textile of Québec 4 octobre 2009 - 17 janvier 2010

 Between Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa original trips with filmmaker John McKay in 2000 and 2003, and her recent trip with folklorist Skye Morrison, Vigesaa has been able to document comparative touchstones that understand molas as narrative art form in the twenty-first century. The films that resulted from this fieldwork was shown at the Hasting Fibre Festival.

sum of its parts

One woman's life ends but what she leaves behind is where this story begins. A legacy of artistic creation sits in limbo, gathering dust and raising questions about what should become of all our stuff when we are gone.

Documentary from Kirby Hammond Productions Inc about the life and work of Nancy Edell rug hooker/ teacher 


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