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in plain view

1.     In plain view, bag1, 2012, Embroidery, beading, sewing, cording, W 30 cm, L 15 cm

Like life, art is not about painting inside the lines, it’s about how you surpass them.

I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, where I studied graphic design from Universidad de Monterrey, with a minor in print media, that’s when I first learned how to screen-print which made me gravitate towards handmade work, that and my growing collection of textiles led me to search for a hands on program in which to continue my studies.


Aerial collection
 2. Aerial Collection (Mt Vesuvius), 2012, Digital printing, embroidery, beading, W 66 cm, L 30 cm


My interest in crafts started at a young age, I was always involved in some sort of art form and it became an activity that I carried throughout my life but little did I know that that which brought me so much joy in my off times would end up being the direction I would fiercely pursue, as my love for crafts grew so did my motivation to follow it to wherever it would lead me.

 After following my instinct and getting accepted into Sheridan’s Crafts & Design textiles department I moved to Canada in 2010 and proceeded to get immersed in my passion for crafts and making. Once here I learned a multitude of techniques, being back in school let me experiment with different areas of the craft and arts businesses as well as mixing techniques; I began focusing on the concepts behind my pieces and started creating three-dimensional textile works as a way of responding to the demands of each theme being explored.

Nostalgic Attachment

3.  Nostalgic Attachment, 2012, Screen printing, distressing, staining, W 48.2c m, H 4.6 m, L 30.5 cm

My work explores the human connections through the use of fibers, by creating pieces that search for that universal thread that touches the textures of words and forms the patterns that surround our everyday lives.

I believe that communication is vital in our society and so it is a concept I explore through all my artwork using textiles as my chosen language. Through my practice textures and patterns have become the words that I speak through and my art pieces have become my conversations through which I explore human connections and interactions.

 Communication Breakdown

4.Communication breakdown, 2013, Machine embroidery, hand sewing, knotting, W 1.50 m, L 1.50 m, H 20.3 cm


Cb detail
Close up of Communication breakdown


Communication is so fleeting and subjective everyone has their own language and set of personal symbols, what may be comforting to some is disconcerting to others, as something considered so vital to our society I find it an interesting subject for reflection, what happens when you are completely in sync with someone? What does that connection look like? What shape or colour does it take? For that matter what does the act of communicating look like?

At the moment I am exploring this concepts through the use of knots, threads, embroidery and three-dimensional textiles and I’m interested in the exploration of unlikely connections between our everyday interactions and the world we inhabit.


6. Projections of connective outbursts, 2013, Solvee, thread, glass, W 50 cm, L 1.50 m, H 1.52 m

You can follow Ana Diosdado at www.anadiosdado.com and via twitter @ana_textiles
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