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 Blue Feather earrings by Fionna Hanna

Blue Feather earrings by Fionna Hanna


 Fionna Hanna is a Toronto based textile designer and maker. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science, she worked in research for a few years. But it wasn’t the creative challenge she was looking for so she decided it was time for a change. She enrolled at Sheridan College to explore her love of textiles. Fionna graduated from Sheridan College in the spring of 2013 with a Diploma in Crafts and Design. After graduation she joined the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op in Toronto where she is inspired by her fellow members and their shared workspace every day.

 Her process reflects an analytical mind and search for calm in an urban environment. The repetitive process of printing on fabric is soothing and gives a consistent result. Fionna gets satisfaction from seeing multiples of the same work. Each print, however, is not quite the same; each has its own individuality. 

feather pendant


 earring close up

close up of "feather" earrings

Fionna enjoys the process of taking a seed of an idea, working it through and translating that into a finish piece. Success comes from sharing my work with others. Her work seeks to draw in the viewer to examine the details.

Most recently Fionna has begun to create using just thread. She uses a dissolvable interfacing that allows her to stitch into any shape and then with using water to wash away the interfacing and is left with only the thread. She uses this technique to create feather jewellery including necklaces and earrings.


Fionna also produces a line of hand printed goods found in stores across North America including pillows, pouches and scarves. Drawing on imagery that reflects her childhood in the country, science degree and life in Canada, she uses silk screens to print onto a variety of fabrics. She strives to incorporate environmentally friendly processes, inks and fabrics in her work.


Feather Pouch, screen printed by Fioonna Hanna

Feather Pouch, screen printed by Fionna Hanna



She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and their 3 cranky cats.

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