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Bandita Heart

"Bandita Heart", height: 12 inches high,Techniques: crochet and sewing,materials: cotton yarn, nylon ribbon, recycled overalls and shell buttons, Photo credit: Melissa Storkson

It gives me great pleasure to see my imagination come to life. I started channelling my imagination from an early age through drawing but came to find a place in my heart for textiles as well. I like to use crocheting and needle felting to create bizarre looking dolls, stuffed animals and small clothing garments. I like both these textile techniques because they give me a sense of freedom and involvement in the construction of my art with how non-restrictive they are in nature. With crocheting and needle felting it's very easy to break the rules, leaving you free to work more intuitively: which is a feature I value in the way I make objects. While drawing allows me to create visual representations of what is in my mind, Textiles allows me to create real tangible objects. I hope to create things using these methods to inspire childlike wonder in other people through my artwork.



Nivrexis, Height: 24 inches high,Techniques: Crochet, needle felting, sewing, free motion embroidery, Materials: wool and mixed media,Photo credit: Kathy Myers

I work organically because it's more fun. Fantasy creatures and magic have always inspired me and I select materials and textures that give a sense of whimsy. Colours I work with tend to fall under this principle too; green reminds me of twisting vines and fungal structures - purple reminds me of crystals and the galaxies in space. I like to make my creations interactive in different ways, like adding removable faces or hidden pockets. A toy feels more real the more ways you can experience it, otherwise it's just a lifeless object.


Rowjin,Height: 12 inches high, Techniques: Needle felting, Materials: various types of wool, Photo credit: Melissa Storkson

 Playing make believe was an activity I loved as a child and still do as an adult. While my methods and narratives are very different I am still drawn to Quirky characters and their interesting and exciting lives. When I make art I have a story in mind, not always a serious thought provoking story but never a dull one. I like to think I'm creating an alternate universe when I start crocheting or drawing, like some kind of art wizard. Instead of wands and crystal balls I use pencils, crochet hooks and felt needles to preform my witch craft. My prime art wizard mission is to share the worlds I create or to help people to create their own worlds.




 Nigel, Height: 12 inches, techniques: crochet, sewing,Materials: cotton yarn, wool stuffing, and shell button, Photo credit: Melissa Storkson

My mom was a great influence in developing my creativity and love of art. She started an art camp and had regular art classes at my house. She also went to art collage, and exposed me too all the
cool things she was doing at the time. She would always give me creative building toys, clay, plenty of crayons and a colouring book of mythical beasts. All through school I was known as the kid who drew on everything, if I had something resembling a pencil very few surfaces were safe. As one can imagine, not many of my teachers were huge fans of this habit of mine. Even my art teachers would have to tell me to stop doodling and do the work that was assigned to me.


 Surface, Height: 6 inches high,Techniques: Mixed media, Materials: mixed paper and found objects,Photo credit: Melissa Storkson

During my high school years I found different ways of expressing myself creatively usually though my wardrobe. Not just by buying strange clothes but by tearing them apart and putting them back together with safety pins and tape.When I escaped high school, I took a one year course at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario . I learned a lot of useful skills and got a better understanding of what I would be suited for in the massively diverse field of art. While illustration and Animation seemed like natural choices, my love of 3D class made me consider Ceramics. I realized early on that ceramics was not for me but stuck it out for a year for some reason. During my time in ceramics my mom brought needle felting to my attention, it’s a process of entangling Roving and raw wool together using a barbed needle. I found myself constantly procrastinating from ceramics by making needle felted people. One of my friends who was talking both Ceramics and Textiles would frequently tempt me with the interesting things she was making in the textiles studio. It became apparent to me after seeing the things they were doing in textiles that I should switch programs. I have recently graduated the Textiles program and have learned a lot during my 3 years. I hope to use the skills I have gained to express my creativity and love of all things art.

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