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fibreQUARTERLY ISSN 1916 - 534X 

established 2005

Publisher: Joe Lewis

associate editors:

Toronto: Sharon Butler, Michell Walker

Calgary: Jane Kelley


fibreQUARTERLY is currently under going a format change and will soon be availbe in a print on demand or down loadable format at a new price

 the basic concept was to create and maintain a central location in which to explore, present and celebrate, contemporary Canadian Textile and Fibre Art. While looking back at Canadian Textile art and production history.  

We are always looking for preview/ promotional material about up and coming exhibitions as well as reviews. We are currently looking for stories on Production Line work be it home decor or fashion.

If you have story ideas please fell free to get intouch.

 Contact Information

Mail to: 

 fibreQuarterly/ Velvet Highway
283 Danforth  Avenue
PO Box 637
Toronto ON M4K 1N2
(416) 594 0987


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knitted joe
knitted  joe lewis (by  brook Ludbrook)
fetish doll by Emily Hamill