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class of 2006


Sheridan Class of 2006 ,left to right Amy Belanger, Anne Lemieux, Rachel Machenry, Lee Meszaros, Krissy Vanderzande, Bettina Lee, Nicole Rahim, Airin McGuinty, Thea Haines, Ange Yake-Balon, Kate Busby, Cara Collins, Amy Imrie, Norah Deacon

Since fibreQUARTERLY began it has been important to offer students coming out textile and fibre focused programs from post secondary schools across Canada and opportunity to present themselves to people who would now be their peers. As Fibrearts Magazine ( which is no longer publishing) and Surface Design Journal had been doing since they began. While the occasional Canadian graduate was featured in both these publications and occasionally still are in Surface Design, fibreQUARTERLY has felt the obligation to support the up and coming generation be they artist, craftspeople or textile centric makers all of them figuring out what the next step is. Taking the opportunity to go to year end exhibitions and or open houses where I can meet and talk with students I can sort-out which students I thinks should be showcased and who among them can encourage and manage to bring this off. There is always one who comes forward and makes it happen, for which I am all ways thankful. I depend of teachers or department heads from schools in other parts of the country to make recommend students.

This year marks the 8th graduating class and the 4th time it has been Sheridan Students and they are an interesting bunch each craving out a space for a future practice. I whish them luck and I hope you are interested in what they have to say about themselves.  

class of 2013
 Sheridan Class of 2013, Ana Diosdado, Danielle Durward, Malcolm Halley, Fionna Hanna, Tara Nesbitt, Chantelle Hermiston, David Webb, Blayne Myers, Tara-Marie Phillips, Kim Maracle, Lizz Graham and Jolanta Prochnowski.

 The Textiles Studio, Crafts & Design Program, Sheridan College

The Textiles Studio at Sheridan Institute offers one of the few training programs in Canada for those interested in pursuing a career as a professional craft practitioner.  With an excellent technologist, faculty and facilities, the studio is focussed on developing each student to their full potential.  During a student’s time in the studio, they engage in a broad range of textile techniques, including felt and paper making, heat-setting, dying, printing, stitching and constructing surfaces. They also learn both mixed media and digital surface design skills.  

Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to explore the possibilities inherent in materials and to experiment, observe and respond through their work. There are many options for students upon leaving the program; graduates may focus their practice on one-off or commissioned work, small batch production, textiles for theatre and film or design for large-scale production. The focus of the studio is to enable students to design and create richly imaginative and creative textile work.

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