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 dj Sattee

Needle point settee by DJ Knight, wool ( photo with colour block by me)

This issue is dedicated to three magnificent people:

DJ Knight  1926 - 2001,

ML Knight 1924-2013,

and Carol ann Casselman 1942-2013.

Each enablers of creativity, conversation and joy. Creators, collectors and connoisseurs deeply attuned to contemporary culture, they inspired and supported me and others by loaning their books, their music ( the first time i visited the Knight's I spotted the Original cast recording of the Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thompson opera "Four Saints in Three Acts" and knew there was a conversation waiting to be had and once it started it didn't actually end it just stopped.)  sharing their table ( I am privileged to own cookbooks complied by DJ for his family and can if i pay close attention recreate a taste, a memory) While feeding my body mind and soul they did the same for anyone and every one they came in contact with. Generosity of mind was their chosen eccentricity and filling their days with the exchange of ideas their life blood.

While DJ never met Carol ann and she and ML only met too late to get to know each other for me they each soared above the ordinary and i consider myself improved by having known them.

Each leaving a unique space that will not be filled.


detail of needle point

 Close up detail of  needle point settee by DJ Knight  Click on Image to see large version of this image 

2000 art invite

Invitation for ML Knight's 2000 exhibitionat the Northope Fry Building, Victoria College campus, University of Toronto. Read about  and see her  Victoria College Collage

ML Knight Fancy Hot Dog
Fancy Hot Dog Bun  by ML Knight, 1997, college on canvas board, 8" X 6"  9 ( in private collection)


carol ann Casselman plaster and thread

  " Inspiration from Ratti,"  by Carol ann Casselman Hand embroidered cotton thread, and drawings on plaster  2009 , Image from Shadow Box 2009 TCM web page .

see Moss Remembered

 carol ann cassleman

  Carol ann Casselman with Inspiration from Ratti, Hand embroidered cotton thread, and drawings on plaster  2009 Shadow Box TCM

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