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1.     Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra, full installation shot

thesis work

My name is Hillary Dubé and I am graduated of Sheridan College School of Technology and Advanced Learning’s 3yr Craft and design Advanced Textile Diploma.

 I am also an Alumnus of their Social Service Worker – Gerontology program (2009). Becoming extremely frustrated by the politics of helping people vs. the action of helping people, and an infinitum of contradictions and bologna lead me to apply to Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design’s Advanced Textile Program.


2. dual character profile shots- posters/trading card. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra.

 I was accepted and started that fall. In September 2011 I found my self in a studio full of very diverse yet interesting and amazing individuals. All who in their own way had something to teach me. We grew together as textile artists and had each other’s support. I could also count on a helpful hand or a harsh opinion when needed. Sometimes new views were like a fresh slap in the face, but a much needed one at times to gain perspective. I grew a serious love for dying textiles and all different kinds printing processes. My raw fabric studio bill was a serious contender every year and this last year was no exception.  We would laugh, as it was  not uncommon for someone to show their beautiful textured print, then finish by saying “  I wrecked 3 meters and eventually worked out a meter of this”.  And without warning in true textile fashion, a sea of hands comes rushing towards this new fresh innovative print.  Which is all part of the process. You sometimes wreck a few meters during the process, until you find a way of working the process to fit your individual style. It’s is truly an exhilarating experience to be able to create something from thought and have the ability and skill to create it.


3. detail shot – player 1.beading, foil, print. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra

I really admire those who have the aptitude to master areas such as embroidery and weaving. It takes such patients. A trait which I only seem to possess when I am beading textiles by hand. I find it soothing in the same way I find gardening soothing. A little meditative.  Perhaps not to the extent I pushed my self in this particular case, but beading was something I had quite a lot of fun.


4. detail shot – player 2.beaded hooded half veil. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra

My primary focus for my thesis work was to incorporate my love of knowledge with my love of the textile processes I felt most drawn too. The book I read at summers end before I started my third and final year was a book called: The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon, by a man named Pierre Sabak. It is an etymological cross-referential study. As I was at summers end with this trance-inducing novel, I found my self mid year completely submerged in handwork, more fabric then I knew what to do with and endless string of all-nighters. As run down and exhausted as I was, I felt as determined to pull this off at years end as I did at the beginning. A sort of go big or go home standard I had set only for my self. I wanted to convey (in my own way) an etymological educed deception through symbolism. “It’s all in the details if your know what you are looking for.”

THE mURDER of reality

Cover image for the book “The Murder of Reality” Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon.
image used here with permission of the author

 I do wish people to know, that none of this would have been even remotely possible with out the love and support of my family and friends. None ever truly does it alone and it is very important to appreciate the people in our lives that help and nurture us .Let them know you appreciate all the sacrifices they have made and still make on your behalf. As if it were not for them, you would not be able to do what you do.


5. detail shot – player 1.feathered head pieces’ beaded veil. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra

Hillary Anne Thompson Dubé

graduand (2014) - Sheridan Colleges School of Technology and Advanced Learning

                                      Craft and Design - Textiles 

                                      3 yr Advance Diploma Program


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 6. detail shot – player 2.veiled crowns’ beaded veil. Players Only: The Story of Lucy and Tterra


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