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#1 - “Tartan Ikat Scarf”, 2013. 15.5″ 65″ (including tassles). Hand dyed Blue Mountain wool, ikat resisted warp 
Bio: Originally from New Zealand by way of Australia I now call Vancouver home. I'm a traveller and explorer by nature and curiosity has propelled both across the world and into textiles. After an amazing solo trip to South America in 2010 I decided it was time to follow my passion for colour and textiles and began working towards returning to school. I was lucky enough to enrol in Capilano University's Textile Arts Diploma before our beloved program was cut, and graduated with the final class in 2014. I find the process of weaving fascinating and feel most at home when I'm working at the loom.


#2 - “Oritatama Nuno, Folded Cloth”, 2014. Series of 4, each crane is approximately 6″ x 11″ x 6″. Pattern weaving (4 different patterns), hand dyed rayon, buckram, steam-a-seam
Artist statement: The work I create is informed by my fascination with colour, graphic pattern and bold geometry. Whether printed, dyed or woven, my textiles always develop with a foundation of these basic design principles.

Bright colour is the fuel of my existence. Bold colour combinations and a graphic aesthetic catch my eye; I am compelled to explore colourʼs aesthetic potential everyday, dive into its depths and create.


#3 - “Neon Waves”, 2014. 25″ x 50″. Hand dyed 3-ply Quebecoise wool, Krokbragd style weave, cotton warp

 I am particularly inspired by visual representations of mathematical patterns, overt and hidden codes and how cultures around the world use basic visual principles to create compelling craft. I draw on my experiences and observations as an wide-eyed traveller moving through unfamiliar places and challenge myself to see the world around me with a receptive and open gaze. Curiosity drives my creativity, inspiring unlikely connections and stoking my imagination.



 #4 & #5 - “Mrs Pratchett’s”, 2013. Series of 3, approximately 12″ x 17″ each. Double weave pick-up, 100% linen


 #6 - Origami Ikat Scarf, 2013. 12″ x 90″. Pattern weaving, ikat resist dyeing, 100% merino wool

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