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Sharing my adventures on the velvet highway has gone through several changes since 2005 when this all began with a column/ section called In The Viewfinder I showcased crafts people with Product lines, artist i had met recently special project :

example from fibre QUARTERLY volume 2 issue 3 Summer 2006

Artist: Hillary Webb: Molecular colour and line 


hillery webb


Special Projects :  The Sweater Lodge, The Canadian Design Studio of Pechet and Robb warm up the Venice Biennial in Architecture this coming fall with their installation called SweaterLodge


the sweater lodge


In  fibreQUARTERLY  volume 3 issue 1 winter 2007 we looked at "makers" in the IDS07 (Interior Design Show ) OFFSPRING - INSPIRED BY NATURE, Studio North.

cat by owl 

Bookhou Design   which was co-founded by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj in 2003 and now in 2015 is an established name in the Canadian Design world.


 Lilly Yung's Tendril drapery panels


 This is  Lilly Yung's "Tendril ", Laser cut drapery panels [photo provided by Lilly Yung] Yung was a designer/ innovator on the cutting edge of new digital design and fabrication technology in the early half of the first decade of this new century. A well respected and admired designer Dr Lily Li Li Yung born April 18, 1947 passed way on August 11, 2010 and her lose is still felt as is the influence she had on the contemporary Craft community. Craft Ontario set up the "The Lily Yung Memorial Award" which has been awarded yearly since 2011.


andrea Vander Kooji at TOAE 2006

 This is Andrea Vander Kooij photographed at the 2006 TOAE (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition) she had been profiled in one of the last issues of Surfacing the magazine published by the Textile Artist Designer Association (1972-2005). I had been volunteering for them doing their E-newsletter and it was their shutting down that led to me starting fibreQUARTERLY as a temporary stop gap until another national organization/ association promoting the work of and looking out for the interest of and the Canadian textile and fibre community was created. that has not come to pass.

In 2006 I had fibreQUARTERLY the online magazine on the go along with fQaroundtown Blog which was created to bring timely information about shows conferences in a more timely fashion between issues. Then the internet changed and while many artist had websites and had started Blogging Suddenly Facebook, twitter and Social Networking arrived and the "Gloves where off" so to speak. Fibreworks 2008 was the occasion for which I published my first of what became my Facebook Textile Sighting albums.


  Ross Bonfanti's mixed media  [petrified and thread bare] and David Bromley boxes

Canadain  Ross Bonfanti 's mixed media  [petrified and thread bare] teddy bears sitting on Austrialin David Bromley ' s Boxes [Printed Linen Mounted on Board] hearken back to childhood. better times. this photo was taken with verbal permission and I had my press pass.

Both of these artist where represented by the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery London England who has been bring a number of “Fibre” artist to the Art Toronto yearly and fibreQUARTERLY has used both the fQaroundtown Blog and facebook Textile Sightings Albums. 


Georgian Wing Back arm chair with embroidered back and seat, velvet upholstery . photo taken with permission of the Brant Museum and Archive for use in fibreQUARTERLY postings
Georgian Wing Back arm chair with embroidered back and seat, velvet upholstery . photo taken with permission of the Brant Museum and Archive for use in fibreQUARTERLY postings. this photo has had Views: 19737. this photo has been post in three locations: a facebook album Textile Roadtrip June 2010  inThe Grand River Route  fQaroundtown July 24, 2010   Canadian Textile Tourist on Picasa Jul 31, 2010 


By 2008 I had earn my press credentials as a critic not “blogger” and with or with a press pass I have tried to ask permission to take photographs. I have become more aware of the importance of naming the artist, the gallery, the event and provide the links to each with in the description of the image. With the ability to Like Comment Share and Pin individual photograph keeping that vital necessary information attached to these postings/ usage. This becomes more difficult when respect for or understanding of the legalities of copyright while very specific are misunderstood, assumed and then ignored anyway. Since I am publishing my photographs the copyright is mine when the pres pass issued by the event organizers makes implicit unless informed otherwise or the gallery management, curator and /or artist has given me permission.(getting that from all three is really good and if I have not received it from the artist I will try to communicate with them before I post/ use it. Disseminating images without information is rather pointless and devalues the work I am trying to promote through fibreQUARTERLY.


 janet (Mackenzie) Lindsey Slipper Chair  c 1850

SLIPPER CHAIR MADE BY JANET MACKENZIE, C. 1840-60, City of Toronto Culture, 1960.1552.10B, MacKenzie House Museum on 82 Bond Street, taken by Joe Lewis with permission from Mackenzie House Staff for fQ use.

Slipper Chair: Lady's chair, with carved and gilt top and side rails, ogee legs, upholstered in polychrome needlepoint, showing a palm tree and tropical foliage. Empire style. c. 1840 - 1860. Measurements: seat: 20" x 20"; top of back: 27"; overall height: 37"

Seat has velvet fringe. Wooden gilt frame with carved design on top of back. Back in green velvet.

Needlepoint done by Janet (Mackenzie) Lindsey. At the time she did the needlepoint, she would have been married to Charles Lindsey, and living in their home in Toronto. 985 views

This photo was used in facebook album thursday 5 August 2010 textile run around , fQ Volume 6 Issue 3 / 2010 editorial Textiles Travel and So Do We and Picasa fQ volume 6 2010 anthology

Haniyeh Khosravi Fard. chair 2010

 This metal and cord chair "XY "by Haniyeh Khosravi Fard  OCAD University) is made of simple metal shelving parts and two colours of cord. I saw it at the IDS 2010 photographed it with permission with Press Pass It was posted in facebook Album Toronto International Design Festival I gave it a try and it is comfortable. I could live with this chair.


It has been and interesting and educational journey I have been on, my understanding of the mechanism textiles are processed through when being donated, to Acquisitions and conserved by museums has informed my desire to persevere and pass on the information they have gain in their processes. It has made me aware of how an studio arts education leaves students ill prepared to manage a professional career from a business point of view but well equipped to use the social networks to find inspiration, mentors and how to videos to help them fill in the gaps and developed their technical skills and plow their way through to becoming established. I have found it very exciting to watch these artist and crafts people, makers all 


Here are Links to the albums I posted in the last 12 months 

 August / September 2014 Textile Sightings

 travelling with out the battery charger for my camera is possibly a problem but i don't often run into #ISSEYMIYAKE clothing lying around so I will start with the YOSHIKO IWAMOTO WADA lecture I attended at ACAD University I did see the exhibition of "Contextural" summer residency which officially opens September 5 so photos will come. Thursday September 4, 2014, weaving on the street during piano concert, #concretesonata #Honens2014 #IAMDOWNTOWN then a visit to the Esker Foundation

October 2014 Textile Sightings Politics of Fashion Fashion of Politics, Design Exchange 234 Bay Street September 18-Jan 25 2015, http://www.dx.org/index.cfm?id=47464 Fibreworks 2014 Idea Exchange Cambridge Ontario September 12 - November 2, 2014 http://ideaexchange.org/art/exhibition/fibreworks-2014 Friday October 24 it was Art Toronto.http://arttoronto.ca/ This year the number of galleries is down from last year, most bring safe work, not experimental. There was a lack of textile based work but there was some new people like Kristin Nelson with here woven "legal paper" and Robin Kang's Jacquard work.and the gallery that reps her was pretty cool Tabacaru booth 1108.

November 2014 Textile Sightings Opening day at World of Thread Festival. going to today's opening it was about the people who had come to e with their work so I took pictures of them rather then it. and I did miss many of them. there are many photos from today's event popping up all over facebook so you will see more then just mine November ends with the One of A Kind show which I went to today, November 26th


January 2015 Textile Sightings  January had a slow beginning as would be since it is January after all. With Selected Works opening at Idea Exchange in Cambridge (an annul event I have been going to since 2005 if I am in town) on Friday the 16th January is off and running, next came Toronto Design Offsite Festival and Interior Design Show


March 2015 Textile Sightings starting at the Ontario Craft Council >Sensorial Objects is an exhibition of work by Faculty from the OCAD University Fibre Studios:March 6 - May 2, 2015: Monica Bodirsky, Eva Ennist, Ana Galindo, Lynne Heller, Chung Im Kim,Rachel MacHenry, Dorie Millerson, Kathleen Morris Meghan Price and Laurie Wassink. next stop X-Space March 6 – 28, Pattern Makers Curated by Brette Gabel, featuring Claire Bartleman, Colleen McCarten, Sam Pedicelli and Charlotte Moynes, Sunday March 8th Celebrating Colour in Fibre: Diane Ayles, Gunda Gamble, Trish Johnson, Karen D. Miller , Kathryn Taylor, and Simone Vojvodin on untill Sunday March 15 at the Paper Mill Gallery at Todmorton Mills locate off Pottery road in Toronto's Don Valley, Wed March 11 opening of Edge of the Forest at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. 'This is Not a Craft Fair' thesis exhibition curated by Michelle Gauthier OCAD University: 2nd Floor Transit Space until March 19th, "Come Eat With Us" until March 20, 2015, The Great Hall, OCAD University, 100 McCaul St. Toronto, Lasting Effect Harbourfront Centre until June 14

May 2015 Textile Sightings May 2 Textile Museum of Canada for the opening day curator"s talk by Dennis Nothdruft, curator of London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, for the "Artist Textiles: From Picasso to Warhol " exhibition May 2, 2015 - Oct 4, 2015, and I am off ¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture exhibition. Royal Ontario Museum

Summer 2015 Textile Sightings;

#TextileTourism #citzenofcraft Support Canadian Art
POP FOLK T3XT1L3S Danielle Gignac, Greta Grip, Mariana Lafrance, Judith Martin
Invited curator: Sophie Leblanc
Curator mentor: Thom Sokoloski

Exhibition June 26th - August 9th 2015
Campbell House Museum
160 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3H3, Canada
July 2 trip to Alberta Carft Council in Edmonton

August The Hastings Historical Society hosts its’ 6th Annual Founders Fibre Festival in the nearby Village of Hastings on Friday, August 14 followed by the Lang Pioneer Village Museum Festival of Textiles on Saturday August 15th


 Hardtwist turns 10 September 2015 Textile Sightings Hardtwist opened at the Gladstone Thursday Sept 10 and i was there. this year I can recommend this show with no reservations. I have been going to Hardtwist since It began in 2006 ,The first time i wrote about Hardtwist the annual Textile exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel Hotel was in 2007 after the first show in 2006, fibre Quarterly volume 3 issue 1 winter 2007 http:// www.velvethighway.com/ winter07/handfacebody.htm


Fall 2015 Textile Sightings




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