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 The FIRST issue of Cahiers métiers d'art * Craft Journal is now out. The Craft Journal is a non-profit organisation that encourages and publishes critical, historical and technical research on local and international craft. With a staff, administrative and editorial board of art historians and professional craft educators and artist this new addition to Canadian Art/ Academic publishing is a welcome and badly needed.  

 Hopefully we can look forward to the inclusion of writing from the increasing number of textile / fibre focused researchers currently enrolled in academic institutions world wide.  Visit their website for more information, 





worn 2worn cover 

 Worn by Serah Marie McMahon 

The word, “fashion” is descended from the same roots as “fasten” and “facilitate” and once meant something along the lines of “creation by means of bundling and tying” but has (in the last 50 or so years) come to be synonymous with “trendy.” Styles now go in and out of fashion. Worn strives to get back to that earlier meaning, and discover what is of lasting value about clothing and style.

Worn plays a unique role by bringing a political, environmental, historical and cultural context to fashion. Pushing boundaries of collaboration and authorship with fashion magazine tropes like the photo story, Worn expands traditional relationships between models, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. By exploring where art and fashion overlap, connecting with Fashion scholars and artists, and paying attention to how what is worn gets made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated and copied, Worn opens new avenues in art theory.

Worn issues appear twice a year, in fall and spring. Each issue is carefully assembled and edited, so the magazine has not only an informational but aesthetic appeal. We plan to offer back-issues at any time, ( at  vintage clothing stores and on-line.) so our readers don’t get just another throw-away magazine, but have access to an excellent collection of  fashion reference material. Worn Fashion Journal is a forum for our writers to share their views on fashion past and present. Our contributors’ perspectives are informed  not only by experience in the fashion world; writers and photographers are musicians, artists, designers, academics and, well, writers and photographers. Articles offer both editorial and substantive information about things like designer and garment histories, theory, textiles, tools, scenes, cultures, and subcultures. We’re also sharing what we see as inspiration, motivation, how-to advice, and good fashion sense.



Bure & Linon


Bure & Linon is a charming shop located on a commercial and residential street in a young and dynamic neighbourhood of Montréal called La Petite-Patrie. Inside the boutique you will find exclusive collections of home accessories, hand woven and embroidered textile to dress almost every room of your home. The cushions, throws, bedspreads, quilt covers, pillowcases, table cloths, table runners, place mats, and napkins are all made of pure linen. Their designs are contemporary, fresh and colourful. Each piece is made in the adjacent workshop, just behind the boutique. You want a carpet that will fit in that awkward corner of your living room, and match your existing decor? Not a problem, Bure & Linon makes customized creations as well. 

This dynamic little shop also presents and sells creations from other talented designers whose contemporary and exclusive products are all handmade in Quebec. The boutique’s decor changes every three months as new guest designers bring in their collection. Presently in the boutique, and until October 25th, you will find acrylic paintings by Céline Malépart, bags made by Manon Dussault and various fashion accessories by Rachel F.

Bure & Linon also gives a different textile construction workshop every month. The day-long courses teach various textile techniques such as knitting, felting, weaving, fabric and paper, printing and basket weaving.

The boutique distributes weaving equipment and also provides a variety of materials such as wool fibers and yarns as well as felting needles for students and professionals to carry out their small and large projects.


Bure & Linon is a unique place to discover and be charmed by the beauty of local savoir faire.


Thursday, Friday 1pm to 6pm

Saturday 11am to 5pm

 Bure & Linon

1129 Bélanger

Montréal (Québec)

Telephone 514.509.3723

e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




 Les Brodeuses and ECONOMUSEUM®


In Quebec ,the approach to textile and fibre arts and crafts is different then the rest of the country; its ingrained in the culture, it is taught as standard curriculum in some cases, it is respected and supported with in the education system and afterwards.

An example of that support comes in the form of the system of the “ECONOMUSEUM”

“An ECONOMUSEUM® is a craft or agri-foods business whose products are the fruit of an authentic technique or know-how. The business showcases artisans and craft trades by offering an area for interpreting its production and by opening its doors to the public.  

ECONOMUSEUM®, which are self-financed through the sale of their products, make an innovative contribution to the cultural tourism sector.”

Les Brodeuses on St Laurent Street in Montreal is such a place. It is store, gallery, workshop space, a cool place and very hardcore in their dedication to the art of embroidery. This program of ECONOMUSEUM is as much about preserving tradition, educating the public about that those traditions and keeping them alive through the market place. As the corporate fashion houses of Europe have had to buy the craft Ateliers in order to keep their supplies coming, the Quebec government has set up this system in the attempt to keep these living practices.

In other parts of the country, independent textile artisans struggle by themselves or in collectives trying to grab a share of an uninformed, under- educated and unsympathetic marketplace. Why should we pay more for hand woven linen printed tea towels made by a local artist then for Debbie Travis branded Label from Canadian Tire? Where does the fault in not knowing lie, and just how much did you pay for your Free Trade Shade Grown Organic Coffee Frappiacino from Starbucks.

Can you tell the difference….

 For more about

ECONOMUSEUM®, http://www.economusees.com/

Needlework,Les Brodeuses

J5364 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal (Quebec)
H2T 1S1

(514) 276-4181

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Quilting:La Maison de Calico, Eve and Marie-Josée Drouin

324 Lakeshore Road
Pointe-Claire (Quebec)
H9S 4L7

(514) 695-0728

(514) 695-7479

Web Site

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Weaving: Les Ateliers Plein Soleil, Ateliers Plein Soleil

1564 Jacques-Cartier Blvd.
Mont-Joli (Quebec)
G5H 2V8

(418) 775-5080

(418) 775-9669

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 ReCrafting Tradition: 



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