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lilly curtain

IDS07 OFFSPRING - INSPIRED BY NATURE, featuring up and coming Canadian designers. This is  ANNACLOTE DESIGN concept space "an exercise in creating a modern re interpretation of surviving in the outdoors without being wasteful" featuring Studio North designer Lilly Yung's Tendril drapery panels 

As this issue was being put to bed two events were happening in Toronto: the Interior Design Show 07 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place and Come Up to My Room at the Gladstone Hotel. This years Studio North component of the IDS07 which presents the “most creative” in Canadian design and designer/ makers provides the jumping off point for this column.The wide range of application, texture, technique, form and function of the textiles featured in the Studio North section of the IDS07 was a mix of high quality traditional practice (weaving and printing) along side dynamic and innovative new product lines. Un-spun wool, industrial felt, store bought yardage, linen, wool and silk yarn, drapery panels, table runners, napkins, pillows and even a felted wool lamp with Canadian Safety Standards approval. All stunning  decorative objects, stained, printed, felted, die cut, linked, woven and wired.  


Armstrong&Fox TEXTILES


and F

This year the textile designer/ makers included the east coast team of ARMSTRONG & FOX TEXTILES,  these award winning weavers who, while displaying pillows, scarves and “panels” at the IDS07, are in the final stages of completing the 9 meter high by 69 meter long Drapery design for the new build at the Hespeler Library in Cambridge. Having won the Design Competition last spring and as the building project nears completion the installation date is approaching. 

The Hespeler library is part of the Cambridge Galleries network which includes both the Cambridge and Hespeler libraries along with the newer Riverside Gallery which is housed in the same building as the University of Waterloo’s Architecture School   in former downtown Galt

While Armstrong and Fox accessories are gaining a reputation for there high quality and subtle beauty, this new line has possibilities of being able to compete in the larger  interior design market if there high quality and reasonable price point becomes known. With the addition of a new 16 harness loom and the design flexibility that comes with it we can look forward an even more sophisticated output.

The you can read about  and see photographs of the installation of the drapery at the Hespeler Library in the fQaroundtown blog




was co-founded by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj in 2003 to showcase their individual and collaborative works, emphasizing handmade natural materials and small production pieces. The screen printed textiles have a gentle whimsical or simple contemporary elegance.

cat owl

Arounna Khounnoraj received her education at the Ontario College of Art, a B.F.A from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and received her M.F.A from the University of Waterloo.  She is dividing her time between her textile designs and her artwork where she explores sculpture, drawing and printmaking.  Both her artwork and textile designs explore pattern and image. 

John Booth received his art education from Queens University.  He also received a degree in architecture from the University of Toronto.  He's currently exploring form and structure in both furniture and painting

 pillows by Bookhou

to see more of the work of this fresh young design company visit their website  Bookhou Design

Bure& Linon Textile Designs

Marilyn Bernier and Rosaline Vaillancourt, are the designer/ creators of a line of handwoven cotton and linen home accessories known as Bure&Linon Textile Designs   Based in Montreal they bring an outstanding fresh simplicity of graphic line and colour through weave structure and piecing rather then a printed surface to this over burdened, over designed market.    

Both having graduated from the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles  They are gaining a local Montreal reputation for quality production and custom weaving and have followed their appearance at the IDS07 with participation in Dressing the Home at the MCCT.

 table runnerpillows


Dressing the Home is an exhibition of interior textiles showing the works of: Bure et Linon, Josée Hamelin, Meghan Price, Ute Wolff.  The exhibition runs from, March 8th to 30th, 2007 at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles Gallery.

Opening: Thursday, March 8th at 5:30 pm. The Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, MCCM is  located at 5800 St Dennis, suite 501 Montréal (Québec) H2S 3L5, Canada

Tél: (514) 933-3728

Guenther & co


Marlene Guenther, Designer-Maker
of contemporary textiles + lighting  

“…the award for students participating in the Emerging Producers Showcase. …"Emerging Artist of the Year" …The winner was Marlene Guenther, a textile major from Vancouver who is a student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design”.  

A researcher and craft practitioner, Marlene Guenther is thorough in lamps are felted wool shade on recycled wood base with an organic shape reminiscent of a flame or flower bud. 

The felted wool is from a specific breed of sheep that is rare and was originally brought over from England and is now raised in small numbers on a few farms. It is sourced from 3 family run farms (2 from Nova Scotia and 1 in British Columbia). The fibre has a long staple length, and has been through the inspection and approval process with Canadian Safety Standards.  

Currently available for sale in Canada, with export approval in the United States and European market pending. 

website currently unavailable  

Source UK Carpets  www.sourceuk.ca

 “ custom carpets designed by Canadian artist hand made in Nepal and brought home as art you can walk on” Conceived as original and custom accents for interiors and produced in wool and/ or silk this is a given practice in the U.S. and England but not especially known in Canada. Companies such as Weavers Art and Avenue Rug who also had booths in the main part of the exhibition hall both have contemporary production lines designed in house or commissioned in collaboration with interior or product designers, but this is not the same philosophy as Source UK. Speaking with Kate Thornly –Hall about the tradition I mention the artist designed hooked rugs produced by the graphic advertising company Reactor art +Design  in the 80’s. ( it is unfortunate that a web archive of this work is not available on the Reactor site) Barbra Klunder was one of the artist whose work was use to create a number of these rugs and has added rug hooking to her creative out put, but on a much smaller scale.  

The artist she is currently working with are print makers from Open Studio, one being Doug Gilford whose obsessive ongoing crocheted , nets, baskets where seen at the FRAY exhibition last summer/fall at the Textile Museum of Canada

lyung curtain
Lilly Yung's Tendril drapery panels [photo provided by Lilly Yung]

In the past few years the die cut felt jewellery of Lilly Yung has been making its appearance in exhibitions along with her other jewellery work. At this years IDS she launched her new line of die cut felt accessories Tendril. The collection includes cushions, necklaces, bracelets, bags, center pieces, wall hangings and space dividers. An industrial process that in other circumstances would produce waist provides Yung with both a positive and negative shape to manipulate into various end products, nothing is wasted.  

No additional hardware is required for the production as these assemblages and the individual pieces link to one another like tendrils of climbing plants.  Her idea of customization with mass production efficiency is realized in these die cut pieces

Lily Yung is a Toronto print-maker and jeweller of non-precious material. To see more of her work visit her website Lilly Yung       


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