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Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is proud to announce the opening of the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume,  The Gallery, located on Level 4 of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, is scheduled to open April 5,
it is all about product...almost
With this posting a few things are going on, first you might have noticed that Volume 4 Issue 1 is the 2007 Anthology, it is a 95 page PDF for you to downlaod. You may have notice that there was no Volume 3 Issue 4, there is a reason for that, We received our INNS prefix starting with the first issue for 2008, so I went ahead and number the 2007 Anthology, Volume 4 Issue 1 ( you haven't missed an issue) to get that done.
Our "East Cost" has been delayed and the content in this issue is a bit thin, but this has been a very busy fall for a number of people, myself included, NeoCraft happening in Halifax last November occupied many people and following quickly upon it was "Crafting New Traditions" Symposium at Harbourfront Centre here in Toronto. I have been writing for some other publication, had a small exhibition at the Gladstone in November and spent 6 weeks in Calgary over December - January and lost track of my own dead lines for this issue. None of that is an excuse and what is in this issue has a focus and through line.
with the "Quebec Seen"  we present a "Production Line" profile along with our "In the Viewfinder" column. In this issue we present two production line profiles. Ashley Watson and Rilla Marshall are both east coast based weavers. Ashely I met last year at the One of a Kind Show, she and her work were part of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design display at the show. I am a "Hat" she had hats, hand woven Hemp and Tencel, stylish and renewable organic  fibre what more can you ask for. A fedora actually and  what you know...
Classic design mixed with fun and yes a Fedora.
Rilla Marshall's work is new to me. During my time in Calgary I got to the Common Thread exhibition at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Rilla was part of that exhibition, I saw she was from PEI, its hard finding people from the Island that are still on the Island ( my father and four of his brothers came to Ontario as young men and never went back) as it turns out Rilla moved to Corner Brook a year and a half ago and has established herself as both a production weaver of vibrant richly coloured scarves available in shoppes through the east coast who does woven representations of statistical information about population shifts on Prince Edward Island. I mentioned my father leaving as an example of population shifts.  
The new Year means the International Interior Design Show in Toronto and each year they make an effort to present new innovative Canadian design, between "Studio North" "Innovators" and the displays from "Design" schools there is the opportunity to see some exciting use of fibre and textiles. This year by doing some reconnaissance before hand I came across a Vancouver based design firm named "Molo Design" and their "Soft" products. Honeycombed non-woven polyethylene fibre textile as seating, lighting, and room dividers. a couple of e-mails, a phone interview and here are the results.
I t was through Molo Design that I finally met the owners of the Toronto Design shop MADE. As an ancillary show  to the IDS08 they mounted an exhibition called Radiant Dark. due to open the day before the IDS08 the neighbourhood in which the show was happening was devastated by an extremely large fire that wiped out more then half a block stop three doors away from the exhibition site. ( that is another story) The exhibition did open the next night  
 to raves. With in the body of artist / designer work there were several people working in fibre and textiles and many future stories waiting to be told in future issues.
There never seems to be enough time to see all there is to see. Shoshana Teitelman was at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention which happened in Anaheim California in February and has written a report on some of the new products entering the market. Janelle Dubeau from Calgary has wrote a review of the Common Thread exhibition in Calgary, she wrote it for Calgary's arts/ music and entertainment weekly fastforward  and it has been reprinted here with permission from both parties. Janelle, who works at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary also reviewed Hazel Myers Hound's Tooth Forsooth exhibition at the "truck" gallery earlier in 2007. 
That brings me to the last page a brief look at or rather quick commentary of the 40 odd exhibitions that took place in Canada in 2007 and the fact that only one fifth of them were covered in any form of print media. fastforward from Calgary, Selvedge Magazine from England, our pages here. it is what it is and if you are interested there is a 10 paged PDF which has a chart/ table listing the Exhibitions /artists name , location, date and if they were reviewed or had a catalogue published. the list may be complete, but if you know its not and would like to add to it we would appreciate it.
 knitted Joe
knitted  joe lewis (by  brook Ludbrook)
fetish doll by Emily Hamill
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