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Warp Stitch Burn: Explorations in Mixed Media
Nieves Carrasco, Valerie Knapp, Carolynn Bloomer.

NEW gallery May – 2008

Queen Street west,

Toronto, Ontario

 VKwalking wind

Cloth, Clay and paper: melt, pour, blow, pound, pieced might be added to the title of this exhibition. It is not about the structure or process used to make the surface that is at the core of this exhibit, rather it is about the surface itself as the ground on which to work. Each artist works differently and all three bring a skill, experience and willingness to explore and take their chosen methods of working to a different place. These works are embodied with subtleties of flow, manipulation of metaphor/ meaning and fragility and include a floating reference to things eastern (near, middle and far). It may be unintentional, a given, or an actual point of exchange, but with the use of traditional methods of Shibori used by Carrasco and Porcelain by Bloomer it is obvious, in the flow of line used by Knapp to suggest meanings that tell stories it may not be immediately recognizable but point to middle eastern Arabic henna or South Asian/ Indian mehndi traditions of body painting.
wrap sticth burn
Wrap Stitch Burn - Installation Wall - (Full view)
Nieves Carrasco, Valerie Knapp, Carolynn Bloomer


The application of design to surface comes with a built in tension to keep adhesion at bay until the desired effect has been achieve. The flow of a liquefied element is almost paramount in the work of this exhibition. The depiction of arterial flow, the control of dye or glaze flow is what creates the finished piece. The resist used in shibori must hold until a point in drying when it will no longer be able to be absorbed into the blocked /held areas. To dip or how much to dip, the thickness of the glaze the direction it will run across or around the shape and texture of the object, the change brought on by the firing. It is the fight to control these flowing materials which challenge the artist but ultimately it is this control effect like the placement of or “collage-ing” of separate pieces that bring each work of surface design to its conclusion.

There is a unity in the three distinctly different approaches these artists use to make their work. The quality of this work was refined and precisely executed by these three experienced artists.  

 The *NEW* gallery is a fine craft gallery run by a collective and available on a rental basis to both artists and curators. It was founded in 2003 and has since built a reputation on the quality of its exhibitions, and with the publication of NEWS VIEWS has become a critical voice for Craft theory and practice in Canada. It encourages this type of group exhibitions that explore connections between different practices and give the viewer/ audience the opportunity to see fine crafts in the broader arena of gallery setting rather than retail shop.


Below you will find more images and the artist statements accompanying the exhibition

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 Nieves Carrasco

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