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  Link   Textile Society of America
The Textile Society of America, Inc. provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide, from artistic, cultural, economic, historic, political, social, and technical perspectives.
  Link   Textile Society of the United Kingdom
The Textile Society is a registered charity based in great Britain. It is for everyone that has an interest in textiles, whether as a maker, historian, collector or enthusiast.
  Link   textile Society of Hong Kong
The Textile Society of Hong Kong aims to explore all aspects of both traditional and contemporary textiles. The Society intends to satisfy not only those with an established knowledge of textiles - our international membership includes design profess
  Link   the Thai Textile Society
The Thai Textile Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of textiles, with particular emphasis on the textiles of Thailand and Southeast Asia.