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Canadian Textile, Clothing and Costume Collections
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  Link   Textile Museum of Canada
The Textile Museum of Canada is one of eight museums of its kind and the only museum in Canada solely dedicated to the collection, exhibition and documentation of textiles from around the world. The collection of more than 12,000 pieces represents o
  Link   Canadian Tapestry the fabric of cultural diversity [on-line]
People around the world have used textiles over the centuries for purposes such as clothing, shelter and decoration. Textiles tell stories about how we live, what we believe and where we come from. Enter Canadian Tapestry to explore and discover Cana
  Link   MCTQ [Musée du costume et du textile du Québec]
The Museum's collection consists mainly of costumes for men, women and children apparel and accessories dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. This collection includes over 3500 objects and textiles are among its areas of interest along with appare
  Link   Cambridge Galleries (cambridge Ontario)
Cambridge Galleries' policy of collecting contemporary Canadian fibre art was established in 1986 to reflect upon Cambridge's historical connection to the textile industry as well as looking to the future, to new and innovative concepts in art-making
  Link   Clothing and Textile Collection University of Alberta
This collection is a resource of the Department of Human Ecology (formerly Home Economics)
  Link   Costume Museum of Canada
Costume Museum of Canada, is currently renovating its new home 109 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, , Canada, R3B 0M1, T. 1-204-989-0072
  Link   Glenbow Museum [ on-line]
There is a large accessible on-line data base this link is directly to the search the 200,000 + items The museum collection includes artifacts that tell the fascinating story of Aboriginal people, frontier exploration, and the development of weste
  Link   Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Located in Almonte Ontario, Canada, this museum features information on Canada's woolen manufacturing history and programs contemporary textile exhibitions
  Link   Musée McCord Museum
Costume and Textiles, 16,600 specimens, [750 on-line] Women's and men's clothing and accessories, designer garments, samplers, quilts and other textiles.
  Link   Royal Ontario Museum
Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume, Level 4, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal This spaciousgallery with angular walls rising to approximately 13 metres (43 feet) presents the ROM’s rich and diverse collection of 50,000 textile and costume artifac
  Link   The DX (aka the Design Exchange)
The design Exchange is Canada's design museum and center for design research and education. It is committed to raising awareness and understanding of design in all its forms The Design Exchange is the only institution with the mandate to preserve
  Link   St. James Church Textile Museum in Dorchester New Brunswick
St. James Church Textile Museum is part of a complex of historic buildings, restored and furnished with the artifacts appropriate to their era. The domestic textiles, furnishings and costumes are part of this complex. Located in Dorchester, New B