Finding Regine Faust

 volume 1 issue3 /Fall 2005

 r faust
blue dresshis and hersr faust

Regine Faust (Schuett) in her Downsville studio in the mid 1980s with argyle "samplers"    1930s  Design drawings: Blue dress , His and Hers sweaters


Regine Faust knitter, designer, teacher, artist left a legacy in the concrete form of an archive housed at Seneca College in Toronto; a series of knitted tapestries at the Museum of Civilization in Hull and in a non-tangible form of lasting influence. As a teacher at the Sheridan School of Fashion Design in Oakville in the seventies and early eighties and by giving workshops she has given both a methodology and a work ethic to thousands of people. Talking to people who knew her one discovers the primary aspect of her character was work, always work. From an early age it was her ability to turn ideas into objects that propelled her forward. She had her first patterns published while still a student, translating her creative thought into patterns easy for the novice to professional knitter to produce garments of individual quality.  

It is almost a decade since her death and it is time to present her to a generation that has benefited from her teaching and re-introduce her into the discourse of contemporary fibre scholarship

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Flower Motifs detail


 gdress with flowers and heron sweater and tapestry

   Dress with flowers and crane motifd,  Sweater and tapestry with Australian Motifs


 Australian Motifs tapestry

Australian Motifs tapestry


 Egyptian Hieroglyphics, knitted                        puch card pattern cover

Egyptian Hieroglyphics, knitted and punch card pattern booklet page.



Fish Tapestry detail


 school for fish

school for fish tapestry 


 under the sea  trutle

Sea Creature Tapestry  and turtle


 aztec sun

Aztec sun detail


 American Aboriginal  motifs Tapestry with Mexican patterns ,Aztec Sun      American Indian Motif Tapestry

American Aboriginal motifs Tapestry with Mexican patterns ,Aztec Sun  &  American Indian Motif Tapestry


aztec design

Aztec Motifs detail

  city sunset      city at night
 Cityscape Tapestries, sun rise and Midnight 


The work shown here is a random sampling of Regine's punch card patterns developed for Knitting Machines. Published the 1970s and 80s in book form and as individual pattern kits with punch cards that were sold with Singer Home Knitting Machines. These motifs developed over her career and adapted from hand to machine knitting could be used in tapestries, on clothing, and home interior accessories (i.e. blankets, pillows)