Introducing : A Needle Pulling Thread


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A Needle Pulling Thread...the other CANADIAN magazine about CANADIAN needle and fibre arts from coast to coast. Officially launched with Premiere Festive 2005 issue in October 2005 the same time I started fibreQUARTERLY their approach has been different then ours. first and most notable is they are in print and we are on-line. While I have looked to profile post the secondary education available in Canada, the students work, the gallery system and the work of professional artist operating in the fine arts world, along with a look into Textile collections in museums and institutions, and the work of past/ possibly historic crafts people, they have looked at the actual processes involved in making the work. these approaches are not mutually exclusive. 

Since the launch they have  published 11 quarterly issues. Each issue profiles 10 to 12 needle art designers from across Canada, each of whom provides a project with instructions for readers to make for the season, as well as personal stories and tips that reveal the inspiration and passion driving their work. Each issue also profiles a shop and a guild from across Canada, each of which also provides a project for the reader together with information on how they provide service to their customers/members and communities.

With the Summer 2008 issue they have started THE FIBRE REPORT and I have written the first of we hope will become a regular column 

To see/ read a facsimile version of  "FIBRE REPORT"  click here ( it will open in a new window)

You can subscribe to A Needle Puling Thread through their website,   by phone  toll-free within Canada and the USA at 1.866.969.2678. Outside of Canada and the USA, please call us at 905.898.4838.