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    Joaana Rogers, The Museum. Polyhymnia. Sacred Poetry  silk resist dyed

    British Cloumbia based Texttile artist Joanna Rogers currently has an exbition  Arteology at the Terrace Art Gallery in Terrace BC. Rodgers was featured in the second issue of fibreQUARTERLY.  She discribes this current exhibtion as "

    Arteology is all about layers. About excavations, explorations and findings.

    Layers of hand dyed silk create ethereal pieces evocative of places, seasons, mythologies. These are The Uncoverings.

    I use various traditional shibori fold-resist techniques to dye the silk in these fibre pieces. The layers are attached only at the top of the piece, leaving them to float freely with any breeze. They are presented on bamboo hangers. The silk is soft, colourful and luminous.

    Layers of images create impossible realities. These are The Revelations.

    I combine two images in each piece to create something entirely new and to play with ideas of place, time and scale. These are imagined landscapes, windows into an entirely fictitious world where children of 50 years ago play in the present, where taxidermy animals are returned to the wild, where Venetian cityscapes appear on a backdrop of Pender Island.

    Layers of materials, of images, of ideas, of memories. Delving deep to discover that which is buried, forgotten. Surfacing with all that has been found.

    The supple, free flowing, spontaneous silk pieces contrast beautifully with the frozen-in-time photographic pieces."

    22.50. Possible Worlds. Snow Bathing Joanna Rogers photo collage

    22.50. Possible Worlds. Snow Bathing Joanna Rogers photo collage

    fibreQUARTERLY Volume 2 Issue 4 2006 featured Joanna Rogers.   I have know Joanna since the early 1980s while she was working on an Honours BA in Anthropology from Trent University and was involved in community radio, performance and theatre before becoming interested in visual arts. When I first met her she was involved in the international audio/ radio art community editing an audio “zine” called “Earmeat” and a radio show about that community where sampling and rap were being born. She was on top of a very cutting edge art scene that used audio collage as basic building block. As a visual artist she created and exhibited collages for seven years before moving to Vancouver and enrolling in the Textile Arts program at Capilano College. She has been working as a fibre artist since graduating 1994. Her studies of Anthropology and Textile History along with her collage skill inform her art. Interestingly, the historical and cultural impact of fabric is to be found in the archaeological record, not in the realm of Art History . This neatly links two areas of study and brings added relevance to both. Her work has been shown in public and artistrun galleries across Canada and in the United States. It is represented in private collections and public collections. Her work has also appeared in magazines such as Artichoke and Fiberarts. -JL-

    This Mortal Coil: a cure for Mortality 2005

    This Mortal Coil: a cure for Mortality  2005 12" x 20" painted and printed silk and canvas, bottles, hair, bones petals, ribbon beads


    Visit Joaana Rogers website to find out more about here work




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